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VLCC: Personalizing Wholesome Wellness
September 14, 2014, 10:04 am

Premier wellness brand, VLCC recently ventured into Kuwait to present a range of beauty, fitness and wellness services to clients in the country.

Karan Rekhi, the Regional Head of Operations and Business Development for VLCC, recently sat down with The Times Kuwait to discuss VLCC and its impressive range of services. With a wide spectrum of experience and business acumen, Mr. Rekhi has been leading and successfully supervising the entire operations of the company for the past five years.

He began by saying that he was extremely proud to represent a company that consistently unveils revolutionary weight loss, fitness and beauty treatments. Building on its stellar reputation the company has been setting up new branches across the region and is managed by a team of hand-picked dieticians, physical therapists and doctors who are dedicated and fully versant with the trademark techniques of VLCC. Iman Assal, the Center Manager of Kuwait, assists in his directive to bring health, happiness and positivity to the client’s lives.

How would you describe the VLCC philosophy?
VLCC is a very well-known brand with a vision of “Transforming Lives”. Our philosophy stands for scientific and effective treatments in accordance with our ethical principles, and to fulfil that we have a qualified staff of dieticians and physiotherapists. By redefining wellness, VLCC has modernized the wellness industry to acquire the status of being the Number 1 Wellness Brand across South Asia, South East Asia and the Middle East.

What factors counted in your decision to expand to Kuwait?
We had already made the foray into the Middle-East with branches in countries like Oman and Qatar. The only market that was left is Kuwait. Also, Kuwait has the highest rate of obesity among women, which constitutes a large segment of our consumer base.  We saw it as an issue, and felt it prudent to do something. The VLCC clinic in Kuwait is a full scale facility, where all the advanced and highly rated services are accessible to the consumer.

What are the weight loss services you offer?
Depending on the individual, there are tailor made programs such as the waist and tummy trim treatment that includes sessions on weight loss, body therapy and FDA- approved fat disintegration system. Other natural-based programs are specifically designed for shaping, contouring and trimming a specific body part. I believe our Kuwait cliental would appreciate the weight reduction program.

Please talk about the fitness services that you offer?
Fitness is an integration of our slimming services with a maintenance program that is available in our facility. When a client comes in, we measure important details like his BCA (Body Composition Analysis) and try to understand his lifestyle including daily food intake and medical ailments. After the initial assessment, the wellness counsellor creates an ideal wellness program that entails workout sessions, diet changes, followed by certain appliance sessions and therapeutic massages for lymphatic drainage. The physiotherapist introduces the clients to several suitable fitness regimens like cardio and floor exercises. The program is a combination of active and passive sessions, and is customized to the clients’ schedule and convenience, allowing them space to grow.

How do you inspire people to follow your program?
We have a very charged up team that encourages clients on a consistent basis to see that every time they visit the facility they are able to achieve their targeted goal. Psychological counselling is also a good motivator, as well as the various effective appliance sessions. We foster a family environment of trust, respect and hard work.

What kind of beauty services do you offer?
VLCC is a pioneer in natural skincare treatments and manufactures more than 200 patented products made from natural ingredients. After completing our weight loss program, clients begin trusting our beauty treatments for their acne or pigmentation problems. The VLCC clinic offers a wide range of advanced skin care treatments and services under the purview of Anti-Pigmentation, Anti-Ageing, Anti-Ageing and Rejuvenating treatments.

How do you stay ahead with constant new innovative products and services?
VLCC invests in a very active Research and Development division which investigates new treatments for our evolving consumers who want state-of-the-art products and treatments. Our staff is exposed to various workshops, research forums and conferences happening worldwide, and they judge how these procedures could possibly be adapted for the VLCC brand. At least there are two innovative treatments added to our brand every year.

How would you describe your regular cliental?
Our usual clients come from a very assorted demographic; from teens to the elderly, people with medical issues like depression and those with no interest in natural holistic wellness. Also, the most frequent client is one who has tried all other options like diets, supplements etc. and visit us for a natural-based program that offers effective and long term benefits. We give them the best scientifically proven program to build their confidence and help them lose weight.

What is the reason for the brand’s success?
The DNA of the brand is attributed to the mentor of the company Vandana Luthra, who encourages everyone to lead a healthy life. The objective is long-term, effective weight loss complimented with good treatments to help improve skin and hair health. Overall it is the concept of shaping a person’s confidence is what has helped us succeed.  Our clients speak about us and cement our reputation. We have engendered a loyal customer base of 70 nationalities and it is credit to our brand that we have a strong presence across South Asia, South East Asia and the Middle East.

Why do you love working for VLCC?
For me, it is a spirit of entrepreneurship wherein we empower our customers and employees to fulfil their aspirations. VLCC has been involved in many initiatives for the betterment of the society, and it makes us employees proud about working for this company.  VLCC is supporting many NGOs in India and worldwide, and is also tied up with WHO for social initiatives. 

What kind of social initiatives has VLCC participated in?
On the CSR (corporate social responsibility) platform, we have tied up with government organizations for campaigns in certain countries to encourage people to take fitness and health seriously. For instance, VLCC sponsored a Dubai campaign wherein you lose weight and gain your weight in gold with the aim to reduce childhood obesity. There are also other fitness initiatives we are involved in, and these campaigns ensure we enjoy a fair amount of goodwill in the market.  Currently, we are thinking of what we can do to help handle the obesity problem in Kuwait.

Christina Pinto
Staff Writer



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