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VLCC - Changing lives in healthy ways
October 1, 2014, 11:55 am

In an age where quick fix weight loss solutions take precedence over health and fitness, VLCC stands different. Over the past 25 years, VLCC has built a strong foundation based on innovation, research, best practices and, an in-depth understanding of beauty and weight management. This has allowed the brand to develop a holistic and well-planned treatment regime for various health and beauty related issues.

VLCC is the first company of its kind globally to have acquired several international certifications in recognition of its global best practices, in quality management systems, consistency and efficacy in service, as well as for implementing corporate social responsibility standards.

With its focus on preventive healthcare and management of lifestyle conditions such as obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and hypertension, VLCC has partnered with PritikinTM, a global leader in this area, to launch the first Pritikin Longevity Center outside of the US.

Obesity: Often seen as the starting point of many diseases, obesity can also be the result of other medical conditions. Often, a person is not even aware that they might be suffering from certain medical condition, or even multiple conditions that necessitate treatments.

The team of experts at VLCC conduct various body composition analysis and related tests for each client, which enables them to identify diseases such as hypothyroid, hypertension, diabetes, hyperinsulinemia and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) to name a few.

The VLCC experts also work closely with the clients’ doctors for not just putting together a correct slimming plan but also for any assistance required in treating the existing conditions. With early intervention, our experts have been able to help many of our clients diagnose and treat their conditions successfully.

Some of the medical conditions leading to obesity that have been identified and corrected at VLCC via weight loss therapy include PCOS, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Arthritis and Hyperthyroid among others.

Losing weight the healthy way: VLCC believes in taking a steady and realistic approach to fat reduction and body-shaping so that customers are able lose weight the healthy way. Starting with planning a realistic period of time for weight loss, VLCC guides and empowers clients by providing them with information on how to maintain healthy weight and a balanced lifestyle.

An interesting aspect of the VLCC program is the influence that the sessions have on the behavioural patterns of clients. By encouraging and motivating clients to stay active, the VLCC sessions help clients to alter various health inhibiting habits in their daily life.

The team of therapists and psychologists at VLCC also help clients overcome any thoughts of negativity and instils in them a different outlook towards their body, wellbeing and life as a whole.

VLCC offers solutions to all the weight loss needs - whether it is about reducing overall weight, converting fat to muscles or shaping up the body. The treatments include waist and tummy trim; Arm-Hip-Thigh trimming; Cellulite control therapy; Body Firming; Bio Energy therapy; Analgesic therapy for local points; Neuro – Muscular therapy; Integrative Massage therapy; and Morphobust to name a few.

Ageing and skin treatments: While ageing is a constant natural process, VLCC experts can help this process slow down, without having to go under the knife.  They provide a vast array of anti-ageing treatments that are tailor-made to suit every individual skin type and requirement.

Some of the skin treatments include, Vampire Facelift, an US FDA approved facelift treatment, which stimulates collagen formation while rejuvenating the skin. This simple procedure smoothens out folds and wrinkles and helps with reduction of acne scars, open pores and stretch marks.

Another popular skin treatment is Stem-CellogistTX, which is formulated with the wonder ingredient TeloXtend-TX. This treatment penetrates deeply into the skin to help boost cell function by addressing existing DNA damage and helping to recreate, reconstruct and regenerate youthful skin.

VLCC’s Juvederm and Juvederm XC are safe, painless and US FDA approved procedures that enhance facial features and restore plumpness of the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, making one look and feel young in a matter of minutes. This treatment can be used for contouring the face-nose, jaw line, cheeks, lips and for smoothening skin under the eyes.

To experience the VLCC way of weight loss and healthy living, walk in today for a free consultation to begin that life changing transformation.





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