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VIVA presented with ‘Best CEM Culture Transformation Programme’
April 19, 2015, 4:23 pm

VIVA, Kuwait’s fastest-growing and most developed telecom operator, announced that it was recently honored with the “Best CEM Culture Transformation Programme”.

The announcement was made during the fourth annual “Customer Experience Management in Telecoms Middle East” Summit in Dubai, where the company teamed up with top industry authorities to explore innovative ideas for operators to assure a superior customer-service experience to cope up with the dynamics of service-driven digital economy world. 

Abdulmohsen Al Zamel, CEM Senior Manager at VIVA said: “Today, all service providers are being challenged to transform into true customer-centric organizations. By establishing dedicated CEM program and partnering with committed experts like Huawei, VIVA Kuwait was able to build the capabilities needed to address customer demands and dynamics better and faster.”

“The challenge for us here in VIVA is to create a happy customer and in order to achieve this target we will be deploying the latest technologies in the market which will help us reach our goals faster than anticipated.” Al Zamel added.

Summit participants were unified in their recognition that customer demands and behaviors in the region are becoming increasingly differentiated, with the public looking for a seamless superior service experience whether for business, entertainment, social media, or international roaming connectivity. A “one-size fits all” approach to customer experience management is no longer suitable. Instead, operators seeking to stay competitive must tap the benefits of big data analytics capabilities to understand –close to ‘real-time’ – the dynamics of service demands and packages verities to provide more contextual offers to the public.

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