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VIVA meets with Ejabi Academy students
September 22, 2014, 4:22 pm

VIVA, Kuwait’s fastest-growing telecom operator, held an enlightening meeting for the student trainees at the Ejabi Training Academy entitled ‘Success Story’. The event, attended by VIVA’s Corporate Communications team, highlighted the company’s main achievements and success since its inception.

In support of promoting and spreading a culture of productivity, entrepreneurship, and creativity among youth, VIVA invited guests from Al Watan TV channel. Mr. Abdulwahab Al-Essa, a TV host and the creative mind behind Al Mouwajaha program, was one of the speakers who addressed the trainees and whose presence made a huge impact on them.

During the gathering, he shared details of his experience, recalling his early career days as a journalist and news anchor despite his young age. He also interacted with the trainees, and answered all their questions and queries.

Chef Hanouf Al-Balhan‎‏, who was also a guest speaker, shared her success story that started with cooking from home before she moved to hosting culinary TV shows. She also wrote various pastry books, owns a successful bakery and pastry business with the aspiration of achieving a global reach. Her experience and story gave a boost of confidence to young trainees, and inspired their sense of creativity and entrepreneurship.

Ejabi guest speakers lauded the launch of the program and were delighted with the opportunity to meet young trainees. They have also expressed their appreciation to the Ejabi organizing team and various sponsors for their efforts and role. They extended special thanks to VIVA for believing in the potential and capacity of youth to acquire the skills they need, and the importance of motivating them to be productive by creating a learning environment. A setting capable of broadening their horizons, strengthening the concept of positivity, instilling nationalism, and developing work performance among youth to help build the next generation of leaders capable of achieving their aspirations for the good of society. 

VIVA will continue to looking for unique opportunities to contribute to the welfare of the society and help best serve the youth and shed the light on its ongoing corporate social commitment.

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