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VIVA hosts google developers group meet up
September 1, 2015, 11:43 am

VIVA, Kuwait's fastest-growing and most developed telecom operator, announced that The VIVA Coded Academy (the first academy dedicated to teaching software programming the entire GCC) hosted the “Google Developers Group” meet-up where Hamad Mufleh gave a talk about “Scrum” – the methodology for managing a technical project.

Mr. Mufleh, who is a startup founder himself at YallaWain, covered the main principles of agile and lean development, and taught attendees about the concept of “Scrum” management. “Scrum” is a management methodology that minimizes the risk of failure by creating a framework for a team to work simultaneously on different aspects of a project. This is in contrast to conventional “waterfall” management which is sequential and disengaged at different parts of the project.

Throughout the talk, Mr. Mufleh used examples from his own experience at YallaWain, showing how he and his team actively use Scrum to make their startup as agile as possible. One of the most beneficial parts of the presentation was a live demonstration of the framework his team currently uses to implement “Scrum” methodology where the attendees saw how a real project would look like if managed under “Scrum”.

Mr Abdulrazzaq Bader Al Essa, Director of Corporate Communications at VIVA, said: “As always in the Speaker of the Week events, VIVA Coded Academy’s students and the attendees had a great discussion with the speaker. There was an interesting argument on the merits of some the available online frameworks for “Scrum”, as well as on other interesting topics on project management. For the students, the talk was an important step in their education to become technical founders in startups, as well as becoming effective team members in startups or large organizations.”

VIVA’s sponsorship of this program stems from its belief in investing in the intellectual capabilities of young men and women in Kuwait. Supporting such initiatives is part of VIVA’s relentless efforts to empower youth in Kuwait with the tools they require to build their dreams.

More information on the course and on ‘The VIVA Coded Academy’ can be found on and @JoinCoded on Instagram. Any information can be found by visiting any of VIVA’s 69 branches, authorized distributors, the company’s website at or contact its 24 hour call center at 102. 

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