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VIVA honors the winners of the Cancer Aware Nation (CAN) Campaign
February 11, 2015, 11:17 am

VIVA, Kuwait’s fastest-growing and most developed telecom operator, sponsored the Cancer Aware Nation (CAN), the national campaign launched to promote cancer prevention, and was under the auspices of the retired Lieutenant General Thabet Mohammed Al-Muhanna - Governor of the capital. CAN featured the slogan 'Invigorate Your Life, Diversify Your Food, And Increase Your Activity' to raise awareness for a healthy lifestyles to help reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.  

CAN recently held a walkathon in the Health district of Yarmouk, represented by Abdulaziz Thunayan Mishari - Al-Yarmouk area elect, with the participation of large numbers of local residents from various age groups where VIVA honored the winners while promoting physical activity, and encouraging people to adopt healthy living through good nutrition and increased movement to help prevent colorectal cancer.

The campaign seeks to raise awareness for a healthy lifestyle by holding workshops, lectures, and meetings in gathering places, public-interest organizations, authorities, schools, companies, and banks to help reduce cancer rates including colorectal cancer.

VIVA hailed the success of this awareness campaign that seeks to encourage individuals to adopt healthy lifestyles, develop healthy eating habits and stay active. As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, VIVA sponsored this campaign, one of CAN’s most important health promotion initiatives in order to encourage healthier lifestyles with good nutrition and physical activity.  VIVA’s sponsorship stems also from its commitment, interest in health promotion, and its strong belief that it is the company’s duty to help spread health awareness   among the public.

VIVA will continue to perform its social duty as a major partner in the development of society, to ensure better lifestyle and encourage individuals to improve their way of living on all levels.  

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