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VIVA’s Ramadan Commercial hailed a resounding success
July 1, 2015, 2:12 pm

VIVA, Kuwait's fastest-growing telecom operator, launched a television commercial during the month of Ramadan that was hailed as a resounding success by society, reaching a record number of views on YouTube. 

This year’s Ramadan commercial was a new addition to the successful series of Golden Generation commercials released by VIVA since Ramadan 2013 and featured players from both the Golden Generation and Manchester United Club. These ads were launched after VIVA signed a strategic partnership with the Kuwait Football Association (KFA) of all Kuwaiti football teams, in addition to the international sponsorship agreements with Manchester United and Real Madrid, reaffirming VIVA’s strong track record as a long supporter and sponsor of sporting activities and tournaments.

The Ramadan commercial communicated this year that the gateway to reach Real Madrid Club is through VIVA, reflecting VIVA’s corporate strategy for future years to invest in sports and young athletes, the foundation of this nation. VIVA made sure that all media team members, including cameramen and photographers, are young Kuwaitis. 

The idea of the commercial was to involve children in the communication of an anti-bullying message. Bullying is generally used to intimidate others through fear or threats. The ad also showed that children have the right and the ability to play football. The  “VIVA, Your Gateway to Real Madrid” commercial features the main players, Jenna, a young girl and the mastermind who contacted and coordinated  with Real Madrid players including Toni Kroos, Kelyor Navas, Alvaro Arbeloa, Javier Hernandez, and the famous Double Kick boy, nicknamed Hamoud.

The two-part commercial featured in part 1, “Imagine What Happens”, Javier "Chicharito" Hernández of Real Madrid and has reached more than 600,000 views on VIVA Kuwait YouTube channel. The second part entitled “Imagine What Happens: Today is Match Day”, is the challenge match that the children took on in the beginning. Jenna was chosen to be the architect of the match against the adults and the communicator of the message that the role of girls in society is effective, wise, and provides support, in such situations.

Part two of the commercial has been viewed more than a million times, becoming one of the most watched Ramadan ads on YouTube.  Furthermore, the scenes of both commercials were taped in the Valdebebas Real Madrid training grounds in Kuwait. Producing the ad spanned a period of approximately three months, due to the players’ busy schedule and participation in the league.

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