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VIT University — highlighting progressive aspects of India’s learning culture
January 10, 2016, 3:13 pm

One of the key participants at the India Education Exhibition 2016 is VIT University, a highly sought after center for providing quality higher education on par with international standards.  An international student counselor and academic head from the university will be on hand at the exhibition to offer counseling sessions to students.

The institution offers various programs, including 19 in undergraduate, 34 in post- graduate, 2 in integrated and 4 in research.  Receiving students from 50 countries and from every state in India, the student body comprises of over 24,000 students, with nearly a third of them women.

The campus’ cosmopolitan atmosphere nurtures students from all corners of the globe, while experienced teachers guide them in their all-around development. VIT has set global standards in the instruction and research part of the university structure, cementing the idea of exceptional conduct that imparts the best ideals to students.  

VIT University is dedicated to making available a modern technical education that instills high patterns of discipline in students. It has a well- planned infrastructure that ensures the best learning facilities for students and helps enhance the teaching abilities of faculty. Fully furnished and well-equipped labs are in every building in the university with over 55 servers to manage all the data transmissions.

Another distinction of the university is the amazing performance of its students when they undertake research projects in foreign universities, thereby highlighting the positive aspects of India’s learning culture and helping shape the country’s image overseas. 



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