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Uzbekistan highlights measures taken to battle corruption
July 13, 2017, 5:46 pm

In recent years, a number of measures have been taken in the Republic of Uzbekistan aimed at preventing and combating corruption. In order to counter corruption, the state carries out a complex of various organizational and legal measures. Particular attention is paid to identifying the causes and conditions conducive to corruption, and on this basis, the introduction of new forms of combating corruption manifestations.

At the same time, great attention is paid to the issues of normative consolidation of approaches to fighting corruption manifestations. In particular, the adoption of the Procedure for carrying out anti-corruption expertise of draft normative and legal acts determined the procedure for carrying out anti-corruption expertise of draft normative and legal acts with a view to identifying corruption-related factors in their content that could contribute to corruption manifestations in the process of law enforcement.

This act is the legal basis for establishing the procedure for conducting anti-corruption expertise of draft normative and legal acts, and also serves as a unified standardized document in this area, not only for employees of justice bodies, but also for legal services of state and economic management bodies and state authorities on the ground.

In order to establish common principles and rules for the ethical conduct of government employees and local executive authorities, create conditions for conscientious and effective performance of their official duties, prevent abuses in public service, Cabinet Regulation №62 of March 2, 2016 approved the Model Rules for Ethical Behavior of employees of government bodies and local executive bodies, reflecting:

Basic principles and rules of official conduct of civil servants;
Issues of conflict of interest;
Responsibility for violation of the provisions of the Rules of Ethics.

At the same time, based on the data of the Model Regulations, all government agencies developed and approved departmental rules for the ethical conduct of their employees, provisions on the Ethics Commission and its personal composition.

A big step in the struggle and prevention of corruption was the adoption of the Law of January 3, 2017, «On Counteracting Corruption», aimed at determining the main directions

State policy in the field of combating corruption, bodies and organizations that carry out and participate in anti-corruption activities, their powers, as well as specific measures to prevent corruption and other important issues.

In order to implement this law, on February 2, 2017, the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan adopted Decree №PP-2752, which approved the State Program on Combating Corruption for 2017-2018, which provides specific practical measures to combat corruption, the composition of the Republican Interdepartmental Commission on Combating Corruption, and The Regulation on the Republican Interdepartmental Commission on Combating Corruption.

Measures are being implemented to increase the legal awareness and legal culture of the population, to create an intolerant attitude towards corruption in society. In particular, the scale of activities on legal propaganda and dissemination of the essence and significance of the adopted legal acts to the population has been expanded.

In the strict and timely implementation of legislative acts, their rapid dissemination to performers and the clarification of the essence and significance of the population is of great importance.

New regulatory and legal acts, court decisions, international treaties and other acts are posted on the website of the National Database of Legislation of the Republic of Uzbekistan - For example, as of June 1 this year. 41,444 legal acts in two (Russian and Uzbek) languages, over 217 judgments, over 1,2 thousand international treaties, as well as 684 technical and other acts are placed in the national database. They can be used for free.

Also, activities are carried out on legal propaganda concerning this sphere. Almost 28 thousand events were conducted by the justice bodies jointly with other bodies of state administration, self-government of citizens and other institutions of civil society in this direction.

Also, in educational institutions, classes are held on anti-corruption. In particular, academic lyceums and professional colleges have introduced special anti-corruption courses, which are conducted on the basis of an approved curriculum. On special courses of continuing education and retraining of lawyers, too, classes are held on the relevant topics.

Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan:
The Ministry and its units in the field carry out a number of activities aimed at the timely identification, suppression of corruption crimes, elimination of the reasons, conditions that facilitate them, as well as the implementation of the principle of the inevitability of responsibility in this area.

Thus, for the current period of 2017, 135 crimes related to corruption were identified in the republic, 73 of them were related to bribery, 62 to theft by misappropriation or embezzlement.

For all the crimes identified, the reasons and conditions for the commission have been established, and submissions have been made to the relevant authorities in accordance with the procedure of the criminal procedure legislation of the Republic on the measures taken to eliminate them.

May 16 this year the representative of the Ministry took part in a press conference held under the auspices of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic, where he made a report on the topic: "Counteraction and Prevention of Corruption Crimes in the Banking Sector." The press conference was also attended by representatives of the Central Bank of the Republic, commercial banks and the media.

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