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Useful eyeshadow tricks for your beauty life
July 27, 2015, 5:16 pm

The most experienced makeup junkie, like everyone, is also intimidated by eye shadow. There are: palettes, primers, colors, blending and creasing techniques to know that is enough to make your head spin. But knowledge is power, and that is why here is a handy list of eyeshadow tips to change your eyeshadow game and bolster your confidence. Here are a few genius hacks to help you finally get that flawless eyeshadow look.

Primer is half the battle: Don’t even think about using eyeshadow without applying primer first. Primer solves the problems of oily lids, creased lids, eyeshadow smearing or fading, and just makes your shadow go on better and look better in general.  And if you don’t have any primer on hand, you can always use concealer under your eye shadow. As long as your concealer has a thicker consistency (rather than runny), you will find that it does a decent job of priming your lids for eye shadow.

Brushes are the other half: If you have been attempting to blend your eye shadow with one of those small sponge applicators that come with most drugstore eyeshadows, you owe it to yourself to consider investing in a few quality eyeshadow brushes. A good makeup brush is required for decent blending, which is what it takes to bring an eye shadow look to the next level.

Blend a cut crease for easy definition: A cut crease really helps to make your eyes stand out especially if you don’t have naturally defined eyelids. Simply take a dark shadow and blend it really well along the upper crease of your eyelid, connecting the end of the line with the outer corner of your eye. Look downwards at a mirror while you do this instead of straight ahead; it will help you find your crease. Use a lighter shade on your mobile lid (that is the part that moves when you blink) to create contrast. Add eye liner and mascara, and boom: sultry, defined eyes.

Know your eye shape and work with it: Knowing what sort of eye shape you have will greatly help you adjust makeup tutorials for your needs. If you have hooded eyes, you may not be able to see eyeshadow when your eyes are open—so focus your shadow efforts underneath the lower lashes and at the outer corners, instead. Wide-set eyes can achieve balance with dark color at the inner corner, while close-set eyes should concentrate darkness at the outer corners instead. Monolids should experiment with cat eyes and highlights at the very center of the lid, and babes with deep-set eyes can really get into dramatic smoky eyes without it seeming like it’s too much. Once you know what works for your unique eyes, you can easily adapt any shadow look to work on you.

Fix mistakes in one second: Another awesomely affordable product that will save you from eye shadow messes is a makeup remover pen. If your eyeshadow smears or falls onto your cheekbones, simply use this pen to swipe it off. It’s also great for saving time when you want a very precise look: just go totally crazy with messy blending, then when you’re finished, use this pen to swipe off the eye shadow where needed to create a perfectly precise line.

Keep it simple: Intimidated by palettes, unsure of blending several colors together, or just in a hurry? There is nothing wrong with picking up just one shade at a time and applying it all over your mobile lid for a quick pop of color.


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