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Urvi Trehan: LaFitness Aerobics
December 10, 2013, 12:24 pm

Nita Bhatkar Chogle writes about Indian women in Kuwait who have made a mark — professionals, homemakers and hobbyists. Women that have broken through the glass ceiling, balanced homes and careers or have simply come shining through in whatever they do. ‘Power Women’- they impress us with their unique personalities and passion, and are an inspiration to all.

“One, two, three, four, give me four more…” instructs Urvi Trehan as she guides her class of ladies through a rigorous yet fun filled workout routine at LaFitness Aerobics. A group of over 50 ladies follow her smiling and sweating through it all pumping fists and legs into the air copying Urvi’s every move.

Just watching them made my heartbeat go faster and I could feel beads of sweat across my brow. The pumping music felt like a natural energy booster and I couldn’t help but smile as I watched their enthusiasm. Urvi, a trained aerobics and fitness instructor is the founder of La Fitness aerobics. She is also a member of the Zumba International Network and is qualified to teach Zumba professionally.

She currently trains 150 students in 5 batches twice a day over a six day week and strongly believes in giving her students flexibility in the frequency of classes they attend. Each member attends classes based on individual fitness requirements.

As a result, some need to work out all 6 days of the week while some come only three times a week. Still others come only on the weekend. The classes include a wide range of exercise routines to ensure students don’t get bored of working out at any point.

“After joining LaFitness people realized what a 60 minute workout can do for their body,” explains Urvi. La Fitness Aerobics was started a year and half ago with a motto of “Fitness with Fun”.

Members in her classes enjoy a mix of aerobics, masala bhangra, Tae-Bo, Kick boxing, Pilates, resistance work outs, body sculpting and toning exercises, cardiovascular exercise, stretching and Zumba. Not one to rest easy, Urvi continues to add new components to her classes regularly by constantly keeping herself updated with the latest in fitness through online trainings.

In addition to the fitness regime LaFitness also keeps track of member’s body measurements and weight loss and introduces a general and detox diet plan at different phases. Born in Mumbai, Urvi arrived in Kuwait 6 years ago with her husband Sachin Trehan. “After coming to Kuwait I realized that the lifestyle out here is very different from what we experience back home.

Lack of physical exercise, routine lifestyle, unhealthy diet and rich food were the main reasons for some common diseases prevailing in Kuwait. It was important to create an awareness of health and fitness among people so that everyone also lives a healthier family life,” explains Urvi.

LaFitness was born out of this idea. After learning more and training herself, she decided to offer her knowledge and expertise so others could also benefit. Urvi also plays the full time role of a mother, with her five year old daughter Saranya. Starting her day at 4.30 am, she uses the early hours to plan her day, including the classes she has scheduled for that day.

Planning a class is a daily routine since she conducts different exercises every day. This planning includes deciding what exercises she intends to cover and the music to go with it as well as accessories. Part of the day is spent in updating her knowledge with the latest fitness information.

The rest of her time is spent with her daughter and family. So what keeps her motivated day after day? “Fitness itself is a great motivation and the passion to be fit is what keeps me motivated,” emphasizes Urvi. In addition to that, she gives credit to her team members — her students, who have been the strength of LaFitness.

“Their determination and will power always keeps me going,” she adds. Speaking about her members, there are quite a few success stories of people that had health issues like migraine and joint pains, were overweight or just stressed in general. Those that followed the regime appropriately saw positive results.

As with any other sphere of life, Urvi’s work has its own challenges — the biggest being the pressure to deliver results when it comes to weight loss in a specified time period. Since every individual’s body responds different it is very challenging to achieve this. Also challenging is keeping up with the latest fitness trends, especially with such a packed schedule.

But in her quest to introduce new regimes to her members, Urvi works hard to keep herself updated and attends online ‘live’ training courses conducted by professionals from her field. Lastly, maintaining the position as a leading fitness institute is also a challenge — especially with growing competition. Despite the challenges, Urvi seems to be keeping up successfully, and it’s not difficult to learn how popular she is if you speak with any of her members.

She is well liked despite being a tough task master. But then as they say ‘no pain, no gain’ or in this case—loss of weight! Urvi looks forward to scaling higher and going global with LaFitness. From where we see it, she seems to have set the pace and is well on her way to future success.

Urvi offers a variety of exercises to suit all body types:

• Masala Bhangra • Chair-a-cise • Turbo Jam/Fire • Towel Workouts • No-mat Workouts • Cardi-Lates • Power Mat Workouts • Target Toning Workouts Along With • Aerobic Cardio Circuit • Aerobic Interval Training Exercies • Callanetic Exercises • Bolly Aerobics • Bhangra Aerobics • Pilates • Muscle Training Exercises • Breathing Exercises • Floor and Toning Exercises • Breathing and Stretching Exercises • Cardiovascular Exercise • Aerobic Kick Boxing Exercises • Aerobic Tae-Bo • Brazilian Butt Lift • Pilates Ring • Boot Camp Workout

Urvi’s tips for a healthier lifestyle:

• Get at least 8 hours of sleep a night • Eat a nutritious breakfast • Include healthy green leafy vegetables, whole grains and fiber in your diet. Maintain a variety in your meals. • Drink plenty of water daily • Get moving…don’t be lazy • Participate in activities you enjoy • Spend at least 30 minutes a day doing some physical activity (aerobics, walking, exercise, Yoga etc.) • Spend quality time with your family • Socialize with friends and family members • Get a basic health check once a year • Manage stress and focus on “POSITIVE THINKING”

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Lucia  Posted on : August 22, 2015 10:21 pm
Hi Urvi,
I would like to talk to you about some Mutual business.
I am the Deputy General Manager at Al Nahil Int'l Clinic, Jleeb Al Shuyoukh. We are the 3rd branch of Shifa Al Jazeera Medical Group in Kuwait.
Kindly do get in touch.

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