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Up your toe nail design game
July 16, 2017, 5:08 pm

Negative space toenail designs are an easy way to elevate your pedicure this summer. The simple toe nail designs are far from over the top and look fresh peeking out from a pair of sandals. There is just not enough room on toes for crazy designs so simple ones work best on feet.

Ready to dip a toe into the trend—literally? Here are some anyone-can-do simple nail designs for your toes with step-by-step instructions. The word negative has never seemed so positive.

The Colored French:  Instead of wearing a traditional French pedicure with an opaque white tip, swipe black or a cute, neon pink polish across the top. You will need: Scotch tape and a bright pink polish. Start by placing the Scotch tape across all your toenails, leaving just the tip of the nail exposed. Once you are all taped up, paint the tips of your toe nails with the pink polish. Then, let it dry for five minutes. Then remove the tape. Finally, apply a clear top coat on each nail.

Three Dots and One: Placing a few small polka dots on an otherwise bare nail is crazy simple, and it also looks incredibly playful. You will need: a clear base coat and a bold, summery color such as lime green. Plus, grab a toothpick or metal-tipped dotting tool. Begin by painting all your toenails with the clear base coat. After your base coat dries, use the toothpick or dotting tool to place three dots going down the center of your big toe nails. Then place one single green dot on each one of your little toes. Let the dots dry for at least five minutes. To finish, swipe each nail with a clear top coat.

Stripe It:  You can make an uber-chic negative space mani just by painting two clashing lines on your toes. You will need: a clear base coat, two punchy shades such as a bold pink and an apricot orange. Plus, a striping brush, which is an ultra-fine brush meant for creating lines on nails.

Start by applying the clear base coat on all your nails. Dip the striping brush in one of the bright polish shades. Then paint a line down the center of your nail, from tip to the base. Do this on all your toes. Clean off the brush with nail polish remover. Then dip it in the second polish color. Now draw a diagonal line, slightly off center. Repeat on your other toes. After the lines fully dry, layer on a clear top coat.

X Marks the Spot:  For people who don’t have the skill level or the steady hand to master intricate designs on your toes.  No worries. If you can draw the letter ‘X’, you can re-create this simple look. You will need: a clear base coat, a grassy green shade and a hot, tropical pink. Plus, a striping brush.

Begin by painting all your toes with the clear base coat. Once that dries, dip the striping brush in the green shade and paint a big ‘X’ on all your toes. The, clean the brush with nail polish remover. Then dip the brush into the pink polish shade and swipe it along the outside of the green X—almost as if you’re outlining it. Top all nails with a clear top coat.




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