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University of Kuwait accepts all local students
December 28, 2015, 4:06 pm

All Kuwaitis who have applied to study at the University of Kuwait have been accepted for the second academic term.  High school graduates born to Kuwaiti mothers and foreign fathers have also been accepted by the university, said Adel Malallah, Acting Dean of Admission and Registration. 

 The accepted students include 1,422 new graduates and 713 students whose acceptance was delayed from the first term to the second term.  The admission results of non-Kuwaiti students will be announced before the end of this week, Malallah said, Kuwait News Agency (Kuna) reported.  

The lowest acceptance grades for students in all majors at the university were published on the website of the university’s Admission and Registration Deanship and in local dailies, he said. 

 The acceptance at all colleges, excluding the College of Science, was conducted according to the equivalence rate computed based on the results of academic skills examination taken by each student planning to join KU and the high school general certificate grades, Malallah said. The new students have been asked to abide by the timetables and deadlines for the registration process. 

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