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Universally flattering trends
August 10, 2017, 4:37 pm

Some trends are short-lived but memorable (arm warmers, bubble skirts, the list goes on), while others have staying power. So far, 2017 has seen plenty of the latter, and these trends aren't just eye-catching, they are also entirely figure-flattering and help women appear more confident in their clothes. Here are some of the best styles for the current year. So read on to get inspired, and hit the streets feeling fashion-forward and fabulous all at once.

Exaggerated sleeves: At this point, there are so many different types of exaggerated sleeves, it's tough to pick a favorite shape. From pleated bell sleeves to balloon sleeves and ones with loose sashes hanging from the wrist, whichever you choose, the silhouette promises to draw attention to the slimmest part of your figure when you tuck it into your jeans or rock a cropped version.

Corsets: It's easy to tell why a wide corset would flatter your waist in a cinch. Use one to break up a busy pattern, simultaneously giving off the illusion of a slimmer, leaner frame.

Track pants: A high-waisted, loose-fitting trouser with vertical lines is not only flattering but also comfortable and striking. These pants help you pull off a sporty look, but you can up the fancy factor with heeled boots or mules to lengthen your legs and get away with the style at an event.

Millennial pink: This color is flattering because it's a visual delight and refreshing in all forms. There is a certain nostalgia tied to such a girlie shade that many women associate with your Barbie dolls or favorite princess dresses. But even more importantly, the hue flatters many skin tones and helps women embrace their glow.

Gingham Print: In tiny checks, the pattern is flattering and mixes seamlessly into any outfit. It helps you pull off the mixed-print look, and it pairs perfectly against bright colors, especially when you opt for gingham in black and white. The best news is, there are so many options for shopping, you can wear gingham on any separate you like.

Paper-bag pants: If you wear paper-bag pants the right way — with a body-hugging top that allows you to put the slimmest part of your body on display — this silhouette is universally flattering. A long, baggy trouser is also comfortable. Belt them up top to really cinch in your waist, and find a design in a bold shade or with added details such as pleating to really stand out.

Crochet: Crochet appears breezy and light and helps you pull off effortless vibes in the warmer months. It's all the texture and dimension you need, so when you complete it with a neutral pair of shoes or some standard denim, you are good to go. The material helps you achieve a no-brainer one-and-done look in a snap.

Ruffled denim: From ruffles to wraps around the ankle, 2017 denim isn't just distressed, it's deconstructed and adorned with extra embellishments. Ruffles are a flattering option since they draw attention downward, elongating your legs with a little strip of "extension" material.

Waist bags: The waist bag is a variation of the classic fanny pack. There are plenty of designs that come equipped with two pouches, and they can always be used to break up a printed piece and cinch your waist like a functional, above-average belt.


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