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Uganda cuts visa fees to boost tourism
August 12, 2016, 4:38 pm

In a move intended to boost the country’s tourism sector, the government of Uganda has announced that will slash visa fees by half.  An official statement from the Ministry of Internal Affairs said that with effect from 22 July, 2016, the US$100 visa charge would be reduced to $50.

Clarifying this new change, Immigration Uganda noted that all Uganda border posts have been notified to effect the change. ’‘As per the new rules, the newly introduced e-visa system gets to be effectively utilized. With e-visas, applicants are required to apply, have their visas approved and notifications sent to them, their visas would subsequently be issued at their borders and embassies.”

For its part, Tourism Uganda said that the country’s tourist map was split into the Central, Southern, Eastern and Northern destinations and tourists have a range of flora and fauna, lakes and rivers and eco-tourism sites to choose from.

The dependence of economies in Africa on tourism largely varies from one country to the other but its importance is underlined in each case by the inflow of foreign exchange into the respective economies.

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