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July 15, 2018, 4:07 pm

A newly opened restaurant dedicated to delicious Peruvian cuisine. The drink section presents refreshing and zesty handcrafted drinks with names such as ‘Wild Imaginations and ‘Electric Feel’. The menu offerings are divided by sections and contain uniquely delectable options. Some standout items are a homemade sweet potato cake served alongside a three corn salad and quinoa risotto, made of truffle accents with mushroom and crispy parmesan galette bursts with flavors. The dessert servings are also fantastic with options such as Corn cake, mango ice cream and a raspberry coulis.

Popular dish: AJ I De Gallina Ravioli made of chicken, aji amarillo, pecans and olives

Location: Located in Al Nusuf Complex in Shuwaikh Industrial by Shuwaikh Market. Tel: 2232 3155| 9935 8515.

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