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US ambassador lavishes praise on US-Kuwaiti ties
November 17, 2015, 5:37 pm

 US ambassador to Kuwait Douglas Silliman touted on Tuesday US-Kuwaiti ties encompassing numerous fields including the economic, military, and cultural ones. The ambassador was speaking at an all-male middle school called Ibn Al-Tufail School in Al-Jahra educational district, commemorating the 25th anniversary of the liberation of Kuwait from the Iraqi invasion of 1990. The commemoration was organized jointly by the US embassy and Kuwait's ministry of education.

The ambassador said "we are proud that the United States stood by Kuwait at a difficult moment of history, the result of which can be seen today as there are members of the US armed forces with us today, part of the 700,000 US soldiers who took part in the liberation of Kuwait quarter of a century ago, eager to commemorate that event." He urged his student audience to recall the sacrifices of their elders at that moment in history along with those from the US and other coalition nations that offered many sacrifices to enable Kuwait to be the free and prosperous country it is today.

He stressed United States' firm standing with its allies in "rejecting extremism and terrorism," as he at the same time congratulated the ministry of education on commemorating liberation day with student activities involving photography, music, and theatrical presentations.

The ambassador took the opportunity to offer the condolences of his country and government to families of the victims of terrorist attacks in Paris, Beirut, Sharm el-Sheikh, Ankara, and Iraq and other locations in the region.

Speaking to the students on behalf of the ministry of education, Assistant Undersecretary for educational development Faisal Al-Maqseed said that today's commemoration was "an apt opportunity for young students to learn more about the tremendous efforts exerted to bring freedom back to Kuwait and its people." He praised the US embassy and ambassador Silliman along with the diplomatic corps in the country for their efforts at making the commemoration the success it is.

Attending the commemoration ceremony at the middle school was the governor of Al-Jahra governorate Fahad Al-Amir who said it was with pride that everyone recalls the sacrifices made in order to bring liberty back to Kuwait and its people following months of foreign suppression. 

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