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UPKAR organizes UPKAR Cricket League 2016
June 6, 2016, 4:15 pm

UPKAR Cricket League 2016 (UCL) saw fierce competition between 8 competing teams on Friday, 27 May in Jawharat Al Salah School, Riggae. A large gathering of families and friends of players attended the sports event as spectators to cheer and support their teams.

UCL had participation from all current members and non-members as well as those who hail from all walks of life and was won by K11 who outplayed their opponents Delhi Bellies in the tournament finals.  A unique aspect of the event was participation of female members where each team had 2 female players. It was mandatory to let a lady open the inning and a female player had to do an over bowling too.

UPKAR is a non-profit organization with its main activities supported through a nominal membership fee contributed annually by its members comprised of professionals, business persons and academicians from various strata of the Indian Community in Kuwait. Together with their spouses and children, UPKAR truly is one large family.


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