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UN holds workshop on Strategic Partnership Framework
July 4, 2018, 2:09 pm

The United Nations’ Agencies, Programs and Funds in association with Kuwait stakeholders are united in collaborating to achieve the Vision 2035 New Kuwait strategic plan, said the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Kuwait, Tarek El-Sheikh, at the inauguration of the two-day Strategic Partnership Framework Prioritization Consultation Workshop.

The workshop, which was held on 4–5 July at the United Nations House in Kuwait, was attended by the Secretary-General of Supreme Council for Planning and Development, Dr. Khaled Mahdi, the Deputy Assistant Foreign Minister for International Organizations, Ambassador Mohamed Al-Mutari and heads of  UN and affiliated entities in Kuwait, as well as representatives from government ministries, institutions, organizations and members of the private-sector, non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations and media personnel.

Welcoming attendees to the workshop, the Resident Coordinator expressed his pleasure at the interest shown by all stakeholders in the workshop, and their unity in collaborating with the Supreme Council for Planning and Development and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for development of Kuwait through the realization of the Vision 2035 New Kuwait plan.

Kuwait is positioning itself globally and regionally as fair player in the political, peacebuilding and development assistance fields. Kuwait is also setting the playfield internally for transformation of the economy, society, business models, infrastructure and social services in a democratic manner and in partnerships for people, prosperity, peace and the planet.

The United Nations is also transforming at the request of Member States, to develop with the leadership of the governments and in partnership with stakeholders a new approach for strategic partnership at country level by which the UN can together with all players support the aspirations of National Development Plans and contribute, wherever the government sees feasible, towards the realization of the seven key pillars of New Kuwait Vision 2035, Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals.

He emphasized that the discussions on deliberations and priorities for strategic partnership between Kuwait and the UN should be “owned by you, evolve from you, led by the government, aligned with National Priorities, informed by Agenda 2030, facilitated and coordinated by the UN and implemented by all stakeholders.”

He pointed out that the workshop was part of the First Strategic Partnership Framework between a country and the United Nations in a new era of repositioned United Nations Development System. “Kuwait has been a model for active partnerships with the United Nations for over 55 years in maintaining peace, humanitarian support and development. In a new era of UN-member states partnership, with your innovative ideas, collaboration and more important ownership, we will continue providing models to the world, concluded the Resident Coordinator.

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