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UN Women launches ‘We Are Here’ online campaign
May 29, 2016, 11:31 am

UN Women Regional Office for Arab States recently announced the launch of an online awareness-building and mobilization campaign called ‘We Are Here’.

The campaign aims to inspire women activists from the region to share their stories with the world and document their roles in building their countries.

The social media campaign seeks inspirational stories in the form of tweets, captions, photos and videos of women from across the region as they participate in building and furthering the political and social fabric of their nations. ‘We Are Here’ will be promoted by UN Women through its social media pages on Facebook and Twitter, as well as through an established network of Pan-Arab media and partner non-governmental organizations.

“There needs to be a concentrated effort from every woman if she wants change,” said Iraqi activist, Tania Gilly-Khailany, who recently appeared in a documentary series supported by UN Women.

The announcement comes as UN Women, together with a network of women’s empowerment groups in Iraq hold a press conference in support of the work of women in conflict and post-conflict zones. The event will conclude with a panel discussion looking at the role of women beyond the building of national strategies and negotiations.

The ‘We Are Here’ social media campaign follows a four-year UN Women program titled: 'Citizenship, Leadership and Participation: New Pathways for Arab Women' and the release of a series of documentaries filmed in Iraq, Libya, Syria, Palestine and Yemen, where women spoke of their involvement in projects aimed at enhancing their abilities to participate in civil work, political negotiations, parliamentary elections and proceedings, as well as peace-building initiatives. The program was generously supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland.

“Sustainable political transition and conflict resolution must include women as an integral part of societies and countries,” said Mohammad Naciri, UN Women’s Regional Director for the Arab States. “We know women have been there when their countries needed them, but the level of their participation is not yet fully understood. We hope that the ‘We Are Here’ social media campaign will uncover truly inspirational stories and encourage others to do the same.”

UN Women asks women to share their stories of hope, courage and action with the world. #WeAreHere.

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