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UN-Habitat & Biohydro-Kuwait organizes campaign on sustainable growth
March 26, 2017, 5:50 pm

Biohydro Kuwait announced on 23 March the launch of ‘Hasadd’, a two- month awareness campaign conceived to elevate sustainable urban agricultural practices amongst Kuwait’s residents, at the launch of the “Organic Hydroponics and Sustainability” seminar at Al Shaheed Park.

Eng. Hamad Al-Kulaib, Founder and CEO of Biohydro Kuwait said, “Hasadd Awareness Campaign, in collaboration with UN-Habitat, aims to engage local residents in conversations about sustainable practices and shed light on Mother Earth's plea on her special day while raising knowledge about the country’s newly implemented environmental laws."

Hasadd’s Organic Hydroponics and Sustainability- Truth or Fiction? discussions started with “bioponics” patent holder Mr. William Texier introducing the concept of “organic hydroponics” and the importance of closed living food cycles for food production.

Al-Kulaib will subsequently raise questions regarding current notions of sustainability in Kuwait’s highly irradiated and arid climate that will be followed by a discussion session attended by decision makers in governmental scientific institutions and their respective NGO arms.  

The two-month campaign is split into two phases, with the first phase focusing on awareness and capacity building among the youths by involving them in lectures and debates with international environmentalists, while the second phase emphasizes the technical application of hydroponics and Hasadd’s elements of “You Plant, You Grow, You Protect and You Enjoy”.

The workshops aim to simplify sustainable growing methods for members of society especially those with special needs, equipping them with 6 months’ worth of growing tools, in order to empower them to become proud contributors of the sustainable community.

Dalal Al-Radhi, UN-Habitat’s Partnership and Advocacy Associate said, Habitat finds this initiative a form of cultivations for youths in teaching them the foundations of home growing as part of Habitat’s New Urban Agenda in promoting promoting green cities and environmental sustainability.

The highlight of the campaign will be a celebration of Mother Nature on ‘International Mother Earth Day’ with programs designed to boost Kuwait’s contribution towards nature conservations on a global scale, in partnership with Conservation International (CI). 

Hasadd’s four main target audience segments begins with household families and local SME’s, teaching them sustainable methods of growing indoors and helping them successfully to commercialize hydroponics within Kuwaiti market dynamics. Whereas, other segments targets academia and environmental authorities, and persons with disabilities.

Workshop participants will share stories of successes and failures and the joys of growing after their 22 days of harvesting experience at home with Biohydro-provided systems sponsored by the Ministry of State for Youth Affairs.

The events on 22 April:

I Heard Mother Earth Day

Seed Swap

In coordination with the EPA and the Ministry of Interior – Environmental Police, the seed swap will highlight the importance of surrounding native flora trade and CITES’ endangered species. The rules of the swap will ensure collectors know the purpose of the law and its do’s and don’ts.

Hear Nature

With the coordination and approval of Conversation International, Arabic-subtitled “Nature is Speaking” films will be shown in different zones thought the Park on Earth Day, and spectators will sign pledges on the I Heard Nature signboard.


The exhibit will showcase the stark future vision of a world without trees, intending to move spectators into introspection and action on climate change and its fast approaching, irreversible effects on the world as we know it.

Hasadd Awareness Campaign sustainable agriculture, to spur healthy dialogue, surrounding nature and our behavior towards it and empowering inclusivity.

Eng. Al-Kulaib, ended by saying, "Our responsibility towards future generations dictates the vision of our human advancement and observation of Mother Earth’s 4 billion year track record of sustainable living, ensuring that our inherited state of living of what is better rather than worse."

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