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UMK produces an entertaining show
November 15, 2015, 10:58 am

‘United Mangloreans Kuwait (UMK),’ a group of talented artistes under the leadership of Agnel Saldanha with the motto ‘Our talent - Help for the unprivileged' organized its anticipated charity show on Friday, 13 November, at the American International School.

The show comprised of melodious songs, foot tapping dances and a Konkani social comedy drama ‘Tuje Khatir’, written and directed by Ronald D’Souza Mulky in aid of St. Joseph Prashanth Nivas Ashram, an abode of peace for the destitute, aged, children, mentally and physically handicapped. The Ashram is being run by Sisters of Charity, located at Jeppu, Mangalore, India.

In the past five years, UMK has contributed around Rs 75 lakhs to Shena Sadan HIV aids center - Mangalore, Navachetana Special School - Venur, White Doves –Mangalore, Little Sisters of Poor -  Mangalore, Manasa Rehabilitation Center – Pamboor, Udupi District and De Mercede Orphanage – Deral Katte, Mangalore.

The programme began with anchors of the day Marcus D'Almeida & Reshma Fernandes formally welcoming the audience.  Gurkar Agnel Saldanha & all members of UMK proceeded to the stage along with live brass band (Austin Salins, Glen Fernandes, Ronson Saldanha & Walter Machado).   After the prayer song by UMK members, a skit was played which is directed by Nancy Pinto, followed by harmonious songs and foot tapping dances, which was directed/choreographed by Flavy Pereira, Nicole Kalasala and Best Buddies Group.

Fr Noel D'Almeida, Fr Xavier Marian D'Souza, visiting priests Fr. Ivan Rodrigues along with sponsors Vally D'Sa, Satishchandra Shetty, Geeta D'Souza, Henry levis and UMK Gurkar Agnel Saldanha were welcomed to the stage for lighting of the traditional lamp. 

Gurkar of UMK Agnel Saldanha welcomed the audience and spoke on the achievements of UMK towards charitable works, and informed them that after deducting all the expenses they were able to donate Rs 26 lakhs plus to the Prashanth Nivas Ashram. The total charity given by UMK crossed 1 crore rupees in 6 shows, which is a milestone for their efforts.

The sponsors of the event were felicitated with mementoes and flower bouquets. The contributors of the program like the director of the drama, music director, choreographers along with the various media persons were also felicitated with flower bouquets. Chief Guest Fr. Noel D’ Almeida and Satishchandra Shetty spoke a few words appreciating the efforts of UMK towards a good cause.

After the introduction of St. Joseph Prashanth Nivas by Marcus D'Almeida and Reshma Fernandes, a documentary video prepared by Glen Wilson Fernandes was presented, and this was followed by the drama ‘Tuje Khatir’, which succeeded in evoking laughter from the audience through comedic characters. 

The artists Agnel Saldanha-Miyar, Aldrine Pais-Nagori, Alexander Fernandes-Shirva, Divya Cardoza-Paladka, Johnson D'Almeida-Belman, Joseph D'Souza-Navunda, Lydia Misquit-Manipal, Mareena Veigas-Pune, Mary Saldanha-Derebai, Praveen Castelino-Nakre, Rajesh Cardoza, Paladka, Rajesh Fernandes-Udyavara, Remi Cornelio-Shankarpura, Satish Saldanha-Kateel, Shawn Pereira-Miyar, Vishwas Pinto-Ujire and Walter Brags-Omzoor  gave their best to fillthe characters with life.

The drama was written and directed by Ronald D'Souza, Mulki.  Script was edited by Roque Lewis.  Background scores/music were provided by Suneeth Noronha-Katapady, Joe D'Souza and Purandar Manchi. Choreography by Linette D'Souza and Vrinda Lewis. Stage setting done by Johnson D'Almeida, Austin Cardoza, Nelson D'Silva & Wilfred Menconca.  Make- up was done by Ajay Gosh, Gretta D'Souza & Lidwin Bothello.  Lights and sounds were provided by Waves Eventys & Rentals (Anand D’Souza).  The program was well compered by Marcus D'Almeida, Lavita D'Souza  and Reshma Fernandes.  Saritha Noronha proposed vote of thanks.

In the last 6 years, UMK has become a brand for charity and great entertainment among Indians in Kuwait due to their hard work and contribution towards needy people in India.

Report and pictures by Wilson Saldanha, Shirthady/Kuwait

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