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UK approves HIV self-test kit
May 3, 2015, 9:19 pm

The first legally approved HIV self-test kit that allows people to get a result in 15 minutes at home has gone on sale in the United Kingdom. Butexperts warn that any positive tests must be reconfirmed at clinics.

The new self-test kit works by detecting antibodies on a small drop of blood, which are often only detectable three months after the infection is caught.

An early diagnosis allows people to get treatment quickly and can prevent serious complications. And individuals successfully treated for HIV are less likely to pass the infection on.

This new ‘do-it-yourself’ test is made by company Bio Sure UK and can be bought online.It works in a similar way to a pregnancy test, measuring levels of antibodies - proteins made in response to the virus - in a person's blood.

The device analyses a small droplet of blood, taken from the finger-tip using a lancet. Two purple lines appear if it is positive.

The company recommends attending sexual health clinics for advice and further blood tests if both lines appear.And even if the test is negative experts say it does not mean people are definitely virus free - especially if exposure occurred within the last three months.

The three-month window period, between the moment someone catches the infection and the time it can take for antibodies to develop, means the kit is not reliable during this time.

The UK has been providing free HIV tests across the National Health Services.

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