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UGC celebrates sportsmanship at 41th edition UGC soccer tournament final
February 23, 2017, 4:48 pm

The United Goans Center (UGC) organized a tournament for under 14 year olds to commemorate the 41th edition UGC soccer tournament Final. UGC’s honorable President Tony Alphonso along with his club members Agnelo, Rusario, Brigido and Garry helped supervise the tournament held on 10 February on the Mishrif ground.

The first match was between Indian English Academy School (IEAS) and Indian Central School (ICS) for the under 14 football finals. The two finalists beat a host of other schools: United Indian School, Kuwait Indian school, Carmel School Kuwait and Indian Integrated School to reach the final.

The second half saw IEAS seemingly eager to push forward with a long-range pass from No.4 Cailan Quiney. IEAS put forth more balls into the box with crosses, but there wasn’t anyone to receive them except ICS players.

Not wanting to be left out, ICS retaliated with more vigor earning themselves a corner, but it was cleared by IEAS. ICS increased their attacks inside the IEAS box. IEAS seemed flustered as they lost possession inside their own box leading to nervy moments. The IEAS goalkeeper though seemed to be there just when needed, spectacularly saving a good shot on goal.

The game went into extra time and IEAS soaked up whatever attacks thrown at them by ICS , but were quick to counter earning themselves a free kick some distance away. No. 17 Aaron D’souza was tasked with taking the free kick, which he took fabulously with a long range ball.

Motivated by their goal, IEAS increased pressure and crowded the ICS box. Though the game was all but won, IEAS would not back down. Their efforts paid off when No.5 Huzefa Ali doubled their lead. Even though they were trailing 2-0, ICS kept trying until the last minute of the game; showing off the sporting spirit that great teams are made of.

Multi sport events

The UGC also conducted for the first time an Inter-School Multi-Events on 4 February for children under the age of 14 years. The multi-events were introduced to give both boys and girls a platform to participate in active extracurricular activities. United Indian School, Kuwait Indian School, Indian Central School and Carmel School Kuwait were the four schools that participated in various events.

The games were held to test the physical and mental capacity as well as to create a sense of camaraderie and teamwork among students.

United Indian School took first place due to wins in Tug of War, Relay Mix, Relay Girls, Mathematics Problem Solving and Run with the Ball.

Indian Central School took Second place with wins in the Sack Race and Relay Boys.

Kuwait Indian School and Carmel School Kuwait took 3rd and 4th places respectively.

The winners of the same were announced on 10 February.

FC Sparks vs. AVC

The United Goans Centre’s 41st Edition Football Final 2017 final between FC Sparks and AVC followed the Inter-School Football Final. AVC vs. FC Sparks started with a bang as FC Sparks forward No.20 Jithin burst forth towards the AVC goal in the opening minutes. He attempted to head a cross from No. 10 Hussain, towards goal but it went straight in the Goalkeepers waiting hands.

The midfield of both teams were busy as interceptions, blocks and tackles were aplenty throughout the match. Hussain for FC Sparks was at it again with lovely link up play with Jithin whose header was a few feet wide off target.

AVC earned themselves a free kick in a promising position. No.20 Roland scored a beauty over a line of FC defenders into the top corner of goal.

AVC controlled possession but FC Sparks wouldn’t back down, fighting them on every turn. FC sparks had a good opportunity when a long ball was played to No.6 Hisham but his shot went wide over the bar just before half time.

Returning from the second half, FC Sparks were determined to equalize after No.28 Sulfi put in a delectable cross across the face of the box but not a Sparks player in sight to collect it. FC Sparks kept possession well with impressive one touch passing but they couldn’t break through the strong AVC defense.

Sparks had a chance with intricate passing between the players but the final shot was high over the crossbar. AVC sensing the danger increased pressure inside the FC Sparks box. A shot on goal was blocked by the FC Sparks keeper, but it fell to No.61 Anthony who headed into goal.

As temperatures rose on the pitch, the referee had to hand out yellow cards to couple of players as he defused the tension. Though they were leading 2-0, AVC was relentless in their effort to score again. Soon enough, the final whistle signaled the end, making AVC the Winners of the 41st Edition UGC Men’s Football Final.

Following both matches, a small presentation of awards was held for both football tournaments as well as the Inter School Multi-Events.

At the end, the United Goans Center (UGC) honorable President Tony Alphonso thanked the participating clubs and school team with a promise to have more and better events for schools in future. He also thanked the sponsors Almaz International Shipping Co. , Gulf Bank , Mr. Ross and Mrs. Raina Vaz  and the giveaway's which was donated by Al Yasara

List of winners for the awards are as follows:

Multi-Events Winners

UGC Inter-School Under 14 Multi-Events Winners – United Indian School

UGC Inter-School Under 14 Multi-Events 1st Runner Up - Indian Central School

UGC Inter-School Under 14 Multi-Events 2nd Runner Up – Kuwait Indian School

UGC Inter-School Under 14 Multi-Events Tug of War Winners - Indian Central School

UGC Inter-School Under 14 Multi-Events Tug of War Runner Up - Indian English Academy School

Under 14 Football Final 2017

UGC Inter-School under 14 Football Final 2017 Winners - Indian English Academy School

UGC Inter-School under 14 Football Final 2017 Runners Up - Indian Central School

UGC Inter-School under 14 Football Final 2017 Man of The Match – Sayed Hassan - Indian English Academy School

Football Final 2017

UGC 41st Edition Football Final 2017 Winners - AVC

UGC 41st Edition Football Final 2017 Runners up – FC Sparks

UGC 41st Edition Football Final 2017 Man of the Match – Hussain –FC Sparks

UGC 41st Edition Football Final 2017 Top Scorer – Hussain –FC Sparks

Best Discipline Team – Curtocares


Article by Giselle Fernandes


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