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UCMAS-Kuwait honors winners of International Competition held in Dubai
December 14, 2016, 4:26 pm

UCMAS-Kuwait honored the winners of 21st UCMAS International Competition 2016 hosted by UCMAS-UAE in Dubai on Friday, 11 November.

The international competition is an annual event organized by UCMAS Education Group, Malaysia with thousands of learners from over 50 countries competing every year. 35 Students from UCMAS-Kuwait participated in this event

In visual competition 9 years old Omar Mansor won 2nd place in Higher C level and 6 years old Anusha Pereira won 2nd place in Elementary B category. Omar Mansor who also participated in listening calculation competition reached to the final level till 3 digits 40 rows and to the 14th position in a tough competition amongst 180 students from all over the world.

Each UCMAS student participated in the competition received a paper ranging between 100-200 arithmetic math problems depending on their UCMAS level and their age. They were given 8 minutes to finish as many problems as they could.

Universal Concept Mental Arithmetic System (UCMAS) is an international educational organization globally recognized as a leader in whole brain development and mental arithmetic training. 

UCMAS Mental Arithmetic System is popularly known and well accepted amongst students and parents in many areas of Kuwait. Parents have noticed profound results in their children, considerable improvement in academic performance as well as the level of concentration. Moreover, it is complementary to the School Curriculum and well accepted by education experts worldwide.

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