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UAE breaks world record for most nationalities singing one anthem at one time
December 2, 2014, 11:59 am

In light of the 43rd National Day, the UAE has broken a world record that signifies the diversity and tolerance of the country — the most nationalities singing one national anthem — the UAE anthem — at one time.

The record was claimed after GEMS students, parents and staff, from 119 nationalities successfully sang “Ishy Baladi’ (Long live my nation) — the UAE national anthem — in unison on Monday.

Though 100,000 students, representing 140 nationalities, from all GEMS schools sang the anthem at the same time via live stream, only those that were physically at the GEMS Wellington Academy-Dubai Silicon Oasis campus were counted by the Guinness World Record officials.

Students from countries like Bolivia, Bahamas, Congo, Fiji, Jamaica and Japan, to name a few, all managed to successfully sing the UAE anthem in Arabic and in unison.

After singing the anthem, Samer Khallouf, Project Manager, Middle East and North Africa, Guinness World Record, announced that the students had successfully broken the record.

“We have set a minimum requirement of 50 different nationalities [previous record], no one broke this record before and today you have successfully managed to have 119 nationalities sing the UAE anthem at once.”

Khallouf said the UAE has claimed a number of records in celebration of its 43rd National Day.

“On Friday, the UAE broke the record for the most car brands in a car parade with 58 brands, it also broke the record for longest selfie relay chain with 284 selfie photographers. Before that it broke the record for the most people carrying the UAE flag, 2,993 people, and the longest graffiti scroll, which streched to 2km, to name a few.”

Khallouf said the UAE is attempting to claim more records in the upcoming days. Among them is the longest finger painting and the largest business card made of mosaic.

Though the UAE is breaking a lot of records in a short period of time, he said, it still has a long way to become the country with the most records.

“The US currently holds the largest number of records, but the UAE still has a long way to go to reach these.”

Among the students to break the record was grade five GEMS student Ayah Bait Jameel, who is half Morrocon and half Omani. “I am so excited to be part of this world record. I have been practising this anthem for the past week. I have lived here all my life and I love it here because we have the world’s tallest building.”

Another pupil, Selin Ayber, who is from Turkey and is eight years old, said she likes the UAE because it is peaceful.

“I like living here more than Turkey because it is more peaceful. Learning the anthem was hard because Arabic is difficult, but i am happy to be part of this world record.”

Dino Varkey, Group Executive Director and Board Member at GEMS Education, said this record is significant because it carries an important message.

“It is an important record because it shows how unity can be demonstrated through diversity and tolerance. It is a strong message to send at this time when there is a lot of conflict around the world.”

Amal Al Bayari, Director of Government Relations at GEMS Education, said this is a special day where 140 out of the 120 nationalities, who call the UAE home, have come together to thank the UAE in a special way.

During the event, a live broadcast of the record-breaking event was simultaneously broadcast to 40 GEMS schools across the UAE.

Following the acknowledgement of the new record by the Guinness World Records team, certificates were distributed to participating GEMS schools.

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