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Two women jointly win 2017 Africa Food Prize
October 5, 2017, 5:14 pm

Professor Ruth Oniang’o of Kenya and entrepreneur Maïmouna Sidibe Coulibaly of Mali, share this year’s Africa Food Prize for their outstanding effort to improve farming in Africa. The joint winners were announced last week at the African Green Revolution Forum in the Ivorian capital Abidjan where they were awarded the prize money of $100,000.

Professor Oniang’o is a leading academic expert in Food Security and Nutrition in Kenya where she is the founder and leader of the Rural Outreach Program, a community-based organization that supports farmers to produce and process yields at the grassroots.

She is also the founder and editor of the first peer-review journal on agriculture in Africa – African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development (AJFAND).

On the other hand, Mrs. Coulibaly, an agro-industrialist, is the founder and owner of Faso Kaba Seed Company in Mali with over 14 years of experience in the food production sector. She set up her company in 2003 to help solve the food shortage problem in Mali by producing and marketing agricultural seeds for the benefit of small farmers.

The second Africa Food Prize saw 643 nominations from around the continent. The award was given an African identity only last year when it rebranded from its earlier name of Yara Prize to Africa.


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