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Twitter unveils feature to track response to Ads
October 19, 2015, 1:55 pm

Twitter is giving advertisers a new way to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.
The company is making this data available through what it is calling ‘Conversion Lift’ reports. Those reports measure whether Twitter ads actually lead to an improvement in whatever business metric you are focused on, whether it is website clicks/signups, mobile app installs and re-engagement, or switching mobile carriers.

The company already offers conversion tracking for advertisers, but these new reports go further, with custom data across devices and specific recommendations on how to make your ads more effective.

To achieve this, Twitter says it compares a group of users that has seen your ad with a group that has not, allowing it to calculate whether the ad is actually delivering improved conversions. These reports are probably aimed at larger advertisers — the company is making them available to all managed clients (as opposed to smaller businesses to buy Twitter Ads through its self-serve options).

In early tests, the company says that users who saw a Promoted Tweet were 1.4 times as likely to convert on the advertiser’s website, while those who engaged with a tweet were 3.2 times as likely. Facebook has also been rolling out similar features to measure conversion lift and optimize ads based on that data.

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