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Twitter launches '140' seconds rule to video
July 4, 2016, 3:59 pm

Twitter last week launched its enhanced video services that will allow users to post longer videos of up to 140 seconds.

Because sports, news, music and other videos increasingly are the type of content that goes viral on Twitter, the company decided to expand content parameters, said an announcement from Twitter. The new 140-second run time is a dramatic increase over the previous 30-second limit.

Select publishers will continue to be able to post videos of up to 10 minutes in length using Twitter's professional publisher tools. Longer videos will be permitted on Twitter-owned Vine as well. Small groups of creators soon will be able to add a video of up to 140 seconds to their Vine, which will turn the 6-second Vine into a trailer for a larger story.

Vine will add a Watch More button to the lower right corner of Vines. The longer-form video creation is in beta, and the company already has been working with a group of creators to gain feedback on the experiment.

Video has become central to both how digital users interact with online content and also how super users and brands communicate optimally with their online audiences. By increasing the time limit of video posts, Twitter is trying to expand beyond its traditional market to compete with social media sites like Instagram and could pose an issue for Facebook in the long term.

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