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Tutorial: Owl Nail Art
September 1, 2014, 11:03 am

Owl Nail Art is a huge hoot, and it is very easy to create this original design. Start off by selecting nail polishes in hot pink, brown, black, turquoise blue and glitter purple.  For this special design, choose regular binder reinforcement stickers, and cut them in half properly so it is easier to attach them to your cuticles. On to the design tutorial:

Step by step

Paint 2 coats of turquoise blue polish and let your nail dry or apply a thin layer of quick dry topcoat. Then, using a small nail art brush, paint a branch using a dark brown polish. It doesn’t have to be perfect. If your hand shakes a bit, no worries, because it will create the natural bumps of the branch.

Place half of a binder enforcer sticker at your half-moon, taking care to press firmly around the cuticles to prevent lifting. Paint a coat of glitter purple, starting from the sticker, sweep straight down the left side of your nail bed, stopping just above the tree branch. Then, make another sweep filling in the right side of the nail; curve it at around 3 quarter of the way down to make the side owl belly shape. Quickly remove the sticker and your owl body is complete!

Using the end of the brush or a dotting tool, create the eye whites of your owl. If your tool is not big enough for the size of eyes you want, simply swirl it around until your dot is big enough. Tip: don’t be afraid to dip your tool with polish more than once to get the shape you want.

Using the same tool (or a smaller dotting tool), create the black centers. The next step is to use the nail art brush to paint a beak in a metallic polish. Next, paint the side wing with the hot pink polish.

Draw the little owl feet with black polish or acrylic. Finally, create a secure topcoat for the ultimate smooth glossy finish that protects your hard work. Voila! You can repeat these steps on all your nails, and you’ll end up with your very own owl family!

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