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Turn any surface into user interface
November 26, 2018, 5:31 pm

A major breakthrough in User Interface (UI) technology could take place if HyperSurfaces, the London startup behind the Mogees line of music devices and software, realizes its ambitious plan to turn any surface, such as table top, a glass wall or even the floor, into a user interface without the need for any physical buttons or touchscreens.

Called ‘HyperSurfaces’, the new technology, for which the company has four related patents pending, combines vibration sensors and the latest developments in machine learning/AI to transform any object of any material, shape and size into an intelligent object able to recognize physical interactions.

HyperSurfaces attempt to merge the physical and the data worlds in a seamless way, freeing us from having to use keyboards, buttons and touch screens. Equally important is that once trained for a particular object, the HyperSurfaces neural network-trained algorithms are able to run on dedicated microchips that do not require connection to the cloud for processing. This means that gestures can be instantly recognized and in turn trigger specific commands entirely locally and at much lower cost.

It is difficult to imagine what the applications of HyperSurfaces technology might end up being, in a similar way as it was difficult to imagine 10 years ago all of the applications a mobile phone could enable. The most immediate ideas include the possibility of creating technological objects made of materials that until now have not been associated with technology at all, such as wood, glass and different kinds of metal.

Think of a new wave of 3D wooden IoT devices. A wooden kitchen table could become the controller for your living room smart lights and smart thermostat. Or perhaps your home’s floor becomes an advanced security system able to accurately distinguish the steps of a thief from those of your cat.

HyperSurfaces has also already seen a lot of interest from car manufacturers looking to eliminate buttons and switches from their dashboards and door panels.

HyperSurfaces has already raised $1.1 million in seed funding about a year ago and has been recruiting a team of top AI scientists and completely re-focusing on research and development ever since.




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