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Turkish trade delegation offers investment incentives to Kuwait
November 11, 2014, 8:15 am
The head of the Turkish trade delegation during the seminar.

A visiting Turkish trade delegation on Monday offered a package of investment incentives to Kuwait's private sector representatives who were also briefed by the delegation on the developments of Turkey's investment atmosphere.

While receiving the delegation, Deputy Director-General of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) Hamad Al-Omar said that the meeting aims at being familiar with Turkey's regulations and laws relating to foreign investment.

He underlined the importance of the CCI's pioneering role in the business sector and its constant efforts aimed at opening new fields and markets in front of Kuwaiti investors.

In a seminar on Turkish investment incentives, the delegation spoke about Turkey's investment incentives and its real estate sector.

It said that Turkey highly looks forward to strengthening mutual cooperation, indicating that Turkey has an attractive atmosphere for investment such as strategic location and huge investment opportunities in the domains of education, tourism and agriculture.

The Turkish delegation urged Kuwaiti companies to take advantage of these opportunities and new Turkish laws of investment. It reviewed a program on investment incentives approved by the government as a step to encourage foreign investors who will get privileges as nationals.

The delegation hailed the CCI's role in hosting this important meeting and developing economic ties.

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