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Turkish movie screened at Laila Gallery
November 26, 2015, 10:23 pm

The Embassy of Turkey in Kuwait in collaboration with the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters and Kuwait National Cinema Company organized a screening of the Turkish Movie ‘Son Mektup-Last Letter’ on 25 November, at the Laila Gallery. 

Set against the backdrop ofWorld War I, with the Ottoman Empire and Germany fighting the Allied Forces,the movie tells the story of young air-force pilot Captain Salih Ekrem. One of the first pilots of the fledgling Ottoman airforce, Captain Ekrem, is recovering from the tragedy of losing his wife in childbirth. In February 1915,he entrusts his young daughter Gulmelek to her grandmother and leaves Istanbul to go to Gallipoli, traveling on one of the first planes.

During an attack by a British warplane on a group of Turkish troops and civilians,Salih rushes to offer support to Turkish medical personnel. There he meets a young nurse Nihal, who shows bravery and kindness, and is willing to put her life in danger to save others. With her help, Salih, despite his injuries during the skirmish, manages to save a young boy named Fuat.

The three together come together as a pseudo family trying to survive the war, with Fuat being the defining force that draws the pilot closer to Nihal. When Nihal is duty bound to return to Istanbul, their friendship, having grown stronger through the trials of war, blossoms into a beautiful love that is expressed in letters.

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