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Turkish Ambassador thanks Kuwait for support to Turkish legitimacy
July 23, 2016, 11:44 am

Turkish Ambassador to Kuwait His Excellency Murad Tamir said the Turkish Republic, led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, rejects and opposes as a matter of principle coup movements wherever they are and for whatever reason. The ambassador was speaking at a press conference held at the Turkish Embassy on Monday, 18 July, following the recent coup attempt by a faction within the Turkish military.

He stressed that the coup attempt did not receive support from any political party in Turkey or from the army led by the Chief of Staff and, most importantly, it did not receive support from the people of Turkey who rallied behind the flag of freedom and democracy. He said that the Turkish media and political parties, despite everything that happened in the past, did not favor the putsch and supported the government giving a further slap in the face of the coup organizers. He added that the unity demonstrated by all strata of society, regardless of political orientation, religious affiliation or ethnicity could be considered the best example of Turkish democracy.

The ambassador noted that anyone thinking of carrying out such attacks in future will think a million times before taking such steps because they will be aware that the Turkish people will no longer support such movements. Pointing out that life has returned to normalcy in Turkey and that state institutions have fixed all facilities providing services to the public and that flights to and from Turkey have been restored, the ambassador said, “Turkey is once again the old country that you love.”

He expressed his thanks to Kuwait and its leadership for the support extended to Turkey from the first hours of the event and said this confirmed the brotherly relationship shared between the people of Turkey and Kuwait. Clarifying about the alleged departure of the military attaché from the Turkish embassy in Kuwait, the ambassador said that while he could neither confirm nor deny that the attaché had moved to Saudi Arabia, what he could say was that the person has not come to work since yesterday and that he did not have our permission to leave Kuwait.

He added that the flight of the attache would not affect the confidentiality of military information between Turkey and Kuwait and that the competent and concerned authorities in both countries were pursuing the matter.

Regarding his meeting with Acting Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid Al-Hamed Al-Sabah and asked whether the meeting discussed the issue of the military attaché, the ambassador said they did not touch upon this subject. “What we talked about was Kuwait’s continued support for all actions taken by Turkey to strengthen its security and legitimacy.

The foreign minister also expressed his thanks to Turkish officials for facilitating and helping Kuwaiti families caught up by the recent events,” said Ambassador Tamir.

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