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Trendy turtlenecks
November 26, 2017, 4:24 pm

There was a time when turtlenecks were considered frumpy or unflattering, but now they are seen as a winter staple that can make your outfit look stylish. Instead of styling them with jeans, now wearing a turtleneck is all about clever layering tricks. Everyone should own at least one black turtleneck or go the fashionista route by experimenting with textures and prints.

Here are a number of surprisingly cool ways to wear modern turtlenecks, including under ruffled shirts, blouses and summer dresses paired with jeans.

Layer with dresses: Placing a fine-knit turtleneck under a dress is how a true fashion expert layers. It's especially ideal if it's not quite cold enough for a big coat and you want to show off your whole outfit. Dress up in a floral, summery dress over a sweater in a complimentary color to get that show-stopping look. However, when layering a slip dress over a roll-neck, keep the entire outfit in the same color.

You don't have to always play it safe when it comes to this style tip, embrace unlikely print clashes like a striped jumper under a floral dress.

You can also go for deep V-neck dresses that allow your sweater to be featured more prominently.

Layer with suits: There is nothing more popular than a bit of corduroy right now. Go for a roll-neck sweater to wear under a full corduroy suit. Another option is to reach for a turtleneck sweater to style with a tailored suit. Up the classy factor by going monotone with this combo.

Play with skirts: An oversized knit over a skirt is a go-to winter outfit. And you can even have fun with this tip by playing with textures; a plaited path turtleneck can do wonders for a velvet skirt and cause some major texture envy.

Layer under shirts and blouses:  A roll-neck layered underneath a printed shirt or jumper adds an unexpected edge. If you’re feeling classy, ruffled Victorian blouses are a big trend, and they look striking when unbuttoned and layered over a colorful turtleneck.

You can even work a turtleneck silhouette into your layering game this season by throwing a cropped turtleneck sweater over a long button-down tunic.

Layer with embellished sweaters: Turtlenecks have had an upgrade in 2017, and you will find many adorned with ribbons, ties and fluted statement sleeves. Say, you have a beautiful turtleneck with balloon Victorian sleeves, the sleeves are the focal point and you'll want to keep the rest of your ensemble simple.

Layer with outerwear: Ditch your statement coats for a turtleneck layered underneath two jackets will keep you toasty. Or layer two sweaters: a thin turtleneck underneath with a patterned crewneck on top for a chic effect. Looking to follow the oversized trend, pair your turtleneck with an oversized jacket to add more volume and dimension to any outfit.

Layer with sleek pants: Tie together a tailored look with a thin turtleneck tucked into a pair of pixie pants, or use a colorful one to brighten up dark culotte pants.






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