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Trendy tropical prints
July 16, 2018, 4:42 pm

These days, tropical prints can look chic, and there are plenty of creative styling options for those willing to give the trend a shot. You can juxtapose a Hawaiian shirt with a feminine summer skirt. You can rock a tailored-yet-totally-playful printed jumpsuit or step out in a tropical power suit. There are tons of ways to wear tropical prints without pandering to a vacation aesthetic. Here are some ideas.

Find a tropical printed set:  When it comes to tropical prints, two really is better than one. Find a matching printed set that you can wear everywhere. A tropical print power suit can be worn separately and enhance various clothing items in your wardrobe.

Layer on the tropical:  To add some summer fun to your look without putting a tropical print front and center, find a tropical kimono or lightweight jacket to toss on when the weather gets breezy. When your jacket has so much going on, you have to pair it with items that aren't too loud, otherwise you'll have an overamplified, crazy outfit.

Play with fun food prints: Don’t just stick with the palm leaves, explore options with fruit print to help you embrace the kitschy spirit of the trend without being super literal. Also, choose bold colors in the tropical print and as brilliant shades such as hot pink, bright yellow and orange really add a summery feel to your outfits.

Flaunt statement pants: Swap out your tropical shirt for some printed pants. Keep the top and shoes neutral so the pants can do all the talking. To really grab attention, culottes are a great clothing piece for the flowy style really emphasizes the statement print.

Introduce some feminine elements:  Give your tropical-print skirt a feminine touch, and style it with a lacey blouse and satin pumps.

Also, a printed dress gives you a classy way into the tropical trend, and has just the right touch of femininity. You can even commit fully to a tropical print, by showing off a jumpsuit. Tone it down with neutral accessories, like a black belt, flat sandals, and a shoulder bag.

If you’re up for the challenge, wear a fashion-forward piece like a pleated skirt in a tropical print, and flaunt it with cool separates, like a denim shirt and mini-bag.

Mix and match prints: When you have the loudest print in your arsenal—like pajama-inspired silk palm-print pants —doesn’t mean you have to pair it with neutrals or solids. If anything, it's an opportunity to really have fun and express yourself creatively by mixing and matching prints. A Hawaiian-print button-down shirt can look fantastic paired with a pencil skirt in a contrasting print, like stripes.

Match with neutrals: Tropical prints are normally associated with colorful shades, which are why a black and white print matched with tropical print can be a fun change. A black and white print works well for those starting out with bold tropical prints. You can even go for neutrals if you’re plagued with uncertainty. A tan shade is also chic and will give a more mature impression when added to your tropical print combo.

Metallic Silver is also quite attractive to tone down the playful nature of the tropical print while adding some class. 

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