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Trendy tassel necklaces
January 31, 2016, 1:32 pm

Pick up your favorite fashion magazine, and you will surely see many lovely ladies wearing tassel necklaces. A huge trend that sets your look apart; tassels can be worn with a variety of outfits, and they come in many colors, styles, and finishes. Read on to learn some style tips to work these fun accessories into your wardrobe.

Take an outfit from drab to fab: Tassel necklaces can enhance your style, and are well-known for their versatility.  Add one to a casual outfit to give it edge or color, or choose a classy tassel necklace to play up a more formal ensemble. For that instant polish to an on-trend outfit, showcase a brilliant tassel piece, maybe in silver or gold or select one with extra details.  A stand out piece looks best when styled with a simple outfit. Styling your go-to little black dress with a statement tassel necklace is a fabulous way to present a trendy twist to an old classic. Tassels in neutral colors are also a great choice to help offset the brighter tones in your outfit for when you decide to wear neon.

Try on different shapes: Some tassels are designed to sit right below your collarbone, while others fall more towards you waist in a pendant style. Depending on your mood, you can pick out one in a length that complements your neckline; allowing you to wear  a tassel necklace with virtually anything, from a knit top, a scoop tee, to even a strapless maxi dress. A tassel statement necklace, especially one with a tiered structure, can do wonders for any blouse. While one with a little thickness introduces an eye-catching dimension and contributes to the overall chicness of your outfit. You can even find some bib tassel necklaces in interesting patterns for innovative styling.

For a pop of color: Tassels are not restricted to a single tone, they can be found in numerous colors with ornaments of all types such as stones, beads and charms. You are totally missing out if you play it safe. Liven things up a bit and focus on a style statement by exploring tassel necklaces in colorful rope or other brightly hued materials. Perhaps you will fall in love with the style by exploring a range of tassel necklaces embellished with stones of different colors and fitted with beads and other decorative pieces. 

Layering is an option:  Who says you can’t wear more than one necklace? Layering a couple of necklaces together to make an even bigger statement is a good decision for fashionistas seeking a personalized touch. Fiddle around with a few tassel necklaces to see which ones work best with each other. Pair a smaller necklace with a statement piece to give some balance or layer two chunky necklaces to create some interesting pieces.

Keep it proportional: It can sometimes be overwhelming to wear a statement tassel necklace with other accessories. Hence, pair smaller and subtler earrings with tassel necklaces so the focus is on the main piece. Diamond, gold, or silver studs will do the trick.  Though tassel earrings are also a possibility if you would prefer to match. 

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