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Trendy style for Eid
July 24, 2014, 10:54 am

This maxi dress is the perfect dress for Eid due to its length and distinct elegance. The ankle length is just right to allow for free movement, gliding from one group of friends to another as you enjoy the celebrations. To add the glitter for the occasion, a shimmering coat is dazzling, bringing the glamour that is usually associated with the Eid celebration for all fashion conscious women.

To avoid looking overdone, the dress is simple in a neutral colour and is accented with many stylish accessories that reflect your extravagant nature. Since the coat has enough shimmer, you don’t need a necklace for this outfit. Why detract any attention away from the beautiful shape of the dress or your well-done makeup.

For the next touch of style, simply stack your wrists with delicate yet bold arm party with metal feathered pieces like a feather cuff and other shiny trinkets. These darling feather earrings interject a brilliant edge to your ensemble. To complete the feather look, add a feathers effect nail polish into the mix.

Since this outfit is festive and sophisticated, ditch any overtly vibrant wedges/heels and choose gorgeous heels that have gold plated accents that catch the bright lights every time you walk. If you're looking for something playful, girly, and neutral, this is the perfect Eid outfit for you.

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