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Trendy sculptural jewelry
October 12, 2017, 5:32 pm

Sculptural jewelry is comfortably in the middle of the other two extremes of minimal jewelry and statement jewelry. In general, sculptural pieces are easily wearable, modern, and graphic—expect sleek structured geometric shapes that are neither too subtle nor too loud. It’s jewelry you can throw on last-minute for a more polished look, or layer over other jewelry to punctuate an already put-together outfit.

To get you acquainted with this timeless jewelry trend, here are some styling tips to copy now.

All in the family:  A fool-proof way to match all your sculptural jewelry is to keep all your metals within the same color family. Gold on gold on gold is, well, a golden look.

The solo bracelet: Get to know the one-and-done maneuver: wear a large statement cuff by itself to easily dress up a naked wrist. Get a modern look, with a braided version that makes for a great standout piece.

Double the wrist party: Wear a watch by itself on one wrist and a major stack on the other wrist for a balancing act that works. You can keep the color palette bright and cheerful like a pink and mint combo for a fun spring look.

Keep it minimal: If an outfit calls for simplicity, ease up on the finger bling as well. Here, one or two simple rings do the trick. Sometimes a single spike is all the edge a ring set needs, you can rock quite a few stunners when the time comes. Alternatively, add a touch of whimsy to your stack with a handpainted ring.

Down the line: Perhaps the easiest way to pack a (jewelry) punch is to wear the same ring on every finger. It's the no-fuss way to add uniformity to your hand. Moreover, add a beautiful bit of sparkle with delicate hand twisted rose-gold rings.

Add a watch: If you're unsure about how to layer sculptural bracelets, incorporate a watch into the stack. A timepiece effectively adds texture.

Mix materials: Don't be shy about piling on different materials of jewelry—the key to effortlessness is confidence and intention. When layering, make sure you mix the size and scale of your bracelets. A thin leather wrap bracelet is perfect for complementing a chunky chain and oversized watch.

Mix metals: Go ahead and experiment with precious metals, beads, twisted chains and other textures. A beautiful mixture of textures, heights and patterns can make your stack of bangles looks amazing. If you are going for an edgier look, silver, gold, rose gold and bronze all play nicely together.

Stack delicate bangles: Unsure about how to start a bracelet stack? Take it slow with two or three similarly-shaped bangles of varying thickness. If you are carrying all the color in your outfit, go with a more subtle stack like a white and gold collection. That way you are complementing, not clashing, with your bright colors.

Coordinate the bag: Make your accessories matchy-matchy by styling silver jewelry with a silver purse.


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