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Trendy prints
November 26, 2017, 2:07 pm

There are several prints taking over the fashion scene right now and you need to know about them if you want to be a trendsetter among your peers.  Here are the top five patterns to wear with styling tips to help you pull off the trends.

Check mate: To be part of the modern crowd, borrow from the boys and do it better. Go for checkered suiting and tailored pants that gives a nod to menswear staples, but appropriate for those who want to pair the look with a more feminine top or pants. If you want a little color in your outfit, consider layering two checked prints together, for example mix blazer and trousers in two contrasting plaids for a not-so-matchy-matchy look. There are plenty of refreshing color combinations on offer across shirts, skirts, dresses and trousers. If you want to nod to the trend without fully diving in, why not try out a pair of gingham flats or a nifty neck scarf instead?

Moody florals: Consider this the most seamless transition between seasonal wardrobes: Your fresh, springy bouquets turn a little darker (but no less lovely) come autumn. Reinterpret the color palette for the season, reaching beyond the burnt oranges, burgundies, and browns we tend to gravitate toward in the fall, and introduce florals in deep blues, purples, and pinks.

The trick to making the print feel fresh is wearing it from head to toe. Bold printed tapered trousers have been a fashionista’s staple for a while too; alternatively wear florals head-to-toe with matching shirts and skirts.

Polka Dots: Take this classic design and pair it with something unexpected such as stripes and florals. Print blocking is the trick to making any creation feel new, and if you don't own anything with polka dots, try out the pattern first with an accessory like a scarf.  You can also work a monochrome outfit and add a pop of color with your bag. You can even coordinate the pattern on your shoes and belt. How about contrasting different polka dot prints of the same shade.

Polka dots also look most sophisticated in the form of a belted shirt dress. Or play with outwear like a polka-dot cape you can throw over everything.

Camouflage: The difference with camouflage this season versus how it has been worn in the past is that there are a lot of variations of color and the print has moved away from traditional blacks and greens. Currently, the print boasts a pink and blue camouflage print. You can work it into your style wardrobe by treating camouflage as you would any other print. It should be a highlight or a 'pop' of an outfit to be teamed with classic items – the subversive nature of camouflage adds impact to a classic look. Another trick is to pick out individual colors from a camo print, and coordinate with a tonal shirt or jacket. Finally, camo is about being imaginative, so enjoy adding a touch of flair or fun to an outfit.


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