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Trendy anklets
April 25, 2016, 2:06 pm

Ankle bracelets are the perfect accessory for the season, especially when you are putting your summer look together. A simple, delicate piece will make your outfit feel complete, and channel the festival vibe of fun and excitement. Here are different kinds of ankle bracelets and how to wear them.  

Golden Anklets: This type of ankle bracelet is a number one luxury indicator, especially when they are decorated with precious stones, like diamonds or rubies. Golden anklets are usually designed as a single thin chain or a two-layered one so depending on your overall attire you can choose your style.  Layering is made easy with a set of three golden anklet chains, and if separated, can be worn together or one at a time. It is an inexpensive way to try out different looks.

If you are an anklet enthusiast, make the splurge on luxe designs with colorful embellishments for they will look just amazing.

Thick gold chain anklets go perfect with stylish ankle boots, especially if the ensemble is casual, but a dainty anklet would go with everything.

Silver Anklets:  These are more casual, with some touches of bohemian spirit to them and are suited for young ladies. They are in ideal harmony with high-heeled or flat footwear, and there are a range of stylish pieces to trot around the city on a breezy summer evening. Anklet features real pearls and crystals are an easy way to up the glam factor in your outfit.

Beaded Anklets: You may run into both monochromatic and iridescent beaded ankle chains that are the must-have item for every girl who wants an edge in the style department. Make the festival look last all summer long with a set of rainbow beads to brighten up any outfit, and they are even better when paired with silver charms.

Beaded chains can be matched with either sandals or beach-worthy flip-flops.

Anklets with Charms: These versions have become popular recently, and whether you prefer a charm of a name initial, or a heart charm or maybe a star one, your anklet will emphasize your individuality.A golden chain with dangling charms adds a swish of glimmer when you walk.

Tips for wearing anklets

Before purchasing an anklet chain, the first thing to consider is your own style, and how the anklet will fit into your clothing choices. Moreover, you should carefully judge your tastes before deciding on a design.

Anklets should be shown off, so pick out an outfit where the ankle is clearly visible such as a mini skirt or mini dress, with casual shorts, or leggings or else with cuffed jeans.

Some eccentric women think wearing anklets over their stockings or socks is suitable, but stick to bare ankles as this allows trendy anklets to stand out.

If your feet are thin and tender, opt for thin metallic anklets or even thin plastic ones. For feet that are not so thin and you are aspiring to make them visually slimmer and more slender, then anklets with some medium sized trinkets will do nicely.

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