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Trendy Tweed
July 16, 2017, 12:08 pm

One of the biggest misconceptions about tweed is that it is solely a cold-weather trend and while it is a great fall fabric, there are also a number of ways to wear it for summer. The latest trends in tweed dresses encompass pretty pastel colors and breezy, sleeveless silhouettes that allow wearers to look polished and summer-ready in a snap. If you are willing to try this trend for the summer season, check out these tweed-wearing tips.

Lighten up: The best thing about transitional tweeds is how easy it is to make them work for any climate. You can style the tweed dress with a pair of tights, ankle booties, and a blazer, though when the weather starts to heat up, you can ditch the legwear and go bare.

Flash a belt: When wearing a tweed dress, you don’t want to look like you are wearing a potato sack so accentuate your waist with a belt. A black leather belt looks fabulous against bold tweed or even to spruce up an elegant dark one. Other choices include silver, brown or even a tweed style belt to match the design.

The main thing to remember is to make sure that the belt compliments the outfit like say a structured belt is best to add some definition to the outfit. You don’t want to wear a sash or cotton belt in this case because you want the belt to stand out.            

Go bright and bold: Summer is the time to brighten your color palette and play around with pastels, florals, and lots of white. Tweed dresses look freshest in pretty, ladylike hues, or for extra pop, choose a colorblock dress with a little extra trimmings to make a statement. You can even experiment with different color palettes, such as high-contrast hues or minimal monotones.

Go crazy with accessorizes: For day, keep things simple and elegant by opting for a small chain-strap bag, patent leather flats, and a stack of bangles or thin rings. Amp things up for evening with sky-high heels, a colorful clutch, and a statement-making layered necklace look.

Get creative with style: Whether you reach for a simple shift silhouette or prefer a more trend-centric exposed shoulder style; you can play with different tweed dress styles to find the most flattering one. Get on the chic train by styling a tweed dress in a fluted midi skirt or kept things classy and opt for sleeker shapes. And another point of chicness is the asymmetrical silhouettes in tweed dresses that give you a sophisticated edge. A tweed silhouette with an asymmetrical hem and a more structured shape, allows the dress to do all the fashionable work for you.

Prints are fascinating: Keep feeling sophisticated by opting for smart pinstripes or leaf prints in your tweed dress for the details to add a more modern edge to your ensemble. Try out a statement piece like a vibrant multicolored checkered tweed dress that is very eye-catching.


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