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Trending style tips
October 6, 2016, 2:12 pm

Navigating the latest trend cycle can be tricky, but with a few tips, you can carry through the seasons with class and versatility.

When picking out the latest additions to your wardrobe, always work with pieces that are easily wearable, modern, and graphic—focus on structured shapes that are neither too subtle nor too loud. It is pieces you can throw on last-minute for a more polished look, or layer over other items in your wardrobe to punctuate an already put-together outfit.

To get you acquainted with the latest ideas of styling, here is some expert advice to follow.

Trade in your tans and khakis for blush pink: Pale, dusty pink is the perfect color to refresh staples in dull tans or khakis and even ones in darker neutrals while giving it a slightly feminine edge. Try swapping out your black blazer for an oversized blush version to give your wardrobe an instant pick me up. Also, a fancy pink blouse can give you a week’s worth of outfits, for it plays well with pencil skirts, trousers and even maxi skirts.

A crop top and bottom: You already know that crop tops are back in a big way, but this year they are bringing along a new best friend — matching bottoms. Gone is the need to go through the trouble of finding something that matches your top, because these sets are the best for you to wear this season.  To start with, floral prints are often the safe choice, and a fun and flirty set will have all eyes on you. Add a leather jacket and it is the perfect combination of girly and edgy.

Go the modern route by choosing unique structural pieces, for example, a scuba crop top and a trumpet skirt makes a perfect fashion statement.

Culottes can amp the style: One of this season’s most polarizing pant silhouettes is actually one of the feminine items of clothing you can own — see the light by thinking about the cropped wide-legged pants as an edgier way to wear a voluminous midi skirt. Keep preppy vibes alive with a boatneck top and classic heels or unleash your inner fashion girl with a patterned button up and platform sneakers.

Belt your jumpsuits: This is the upgrade your jumpsuit collection has been waiting for. Depending on what belt you decide to buckle on — a sleek metallic bar, a Western-inspired rope, a classic leather loop — the accessory can give your onesie a whole new vibe.

Even a simple belt can do wonders for jumpsuits in stylish prints and interesting details like a wrap waist. 

Sparkly plus Sporty can be style BFFs: That whole ‘opposites attract’ thing is proven true when you pick an outfit that features some major sparkle on sporty wear. Take note the next time you slip on your favorite sweatpants or athleisure top — it might be time to start accessorizing with your flashy metallic tee or glistening rhinestone statement necklace. Or a fashionable hoodie decked out in glitter will do it for your ensemble. 

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