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Trending lipstick shades
July 30, 2017, 4:28 pm

During the summer, it’s time to not only declutter your makeup bag and vanity, but also strip down your makeup routine. There is nothing worse than dripping foundation, raccoon eyes and smeared lipstick before your morning commute is even over. Which is exactly why lipstick should become your go-to product: A bold lip is all you need to look pulled together, pretty, and ready for a day in the office or a night out with friends, nothing else required.

Try one of the hottest shades for summer—your lips, and the rest of your face, frankly, will thank you for it.

Hot magenta: A bold color like magenta means all eyes will instantly be drawn to your pout. When applied using your finger, you not only have more precision, but the heat from your fingers helps to melt the pigment into lips, leaving the lipstick looking softly stained.

Cherry Red:  The key to finding the perfect red for summer is finding one with blue undertones like a classic cherry red, which help teeth look whiter, (as opposed to brown or orange bases, which can make teeth look not as white).  For a seamless application (like one and done seamless), go for a liquid formula, which offers the staying power of a matte pigment with the finish of a gloss or oil. A lip palette is also a great tool to employ in customizing the perfect red for your own complexion.

Electric Orange: The same rules that apply to magenta lipstick work well with a shockingly bright orange hue, as your finger will let you control the intensity of the color. Before applying, gently exfoliate lips with a fresh toothbrush (not the one you just brushed your teeth with), then hydrate with a lip balm, which not only moisturizes, but also instantly gives you the appearance of fuller lips.

Holographics and glitters: There have been many texture-based trends in the beauty world in general, but glitter is officially this season’s lip glosses peak texture. Often loaded with glitter and/or holographic pigments, the must-have lip gloss offers intense shine and incredible dimension. To really make these last, prime lips with a lip liner that is matched exactly to the shade of your lips. That way, the color payoff of the gloss will equate to that exactly of what you see in the tube, she explains.

Matte Coral: This particular color and texture of lipstick is unforgiving, so make sure you not only prep your lips by exfoliating and slathering on lip balm beforehand, but also try the reverse lining technique. Grab a clear or flesh-toned lip liner and trace around the outer edges of the lip and blending the liner inward. Not only will you lock in color, you will also smooth fine lines and prevent any feathering. Then apply the color using a lip brush for a flawless application within your lip lines.


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