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Treatment could cause cancer
July 11, 2016, 8:55 am

People who travel to Ukraine to be treated of joint pains must beware the consequences of such treatment, says Al-Rai daily quoting a press report.

The daily said the treatment is done with the help of radon gas bath but exposure to this gas is known to cause lung cancer.

A report which was published in the mentioned people pay hundreds of dollars to fly in from all over the former Soviet Union republics, and the Russian-speaking migrants from the United States, Canada, Israel and Germany.

This is in addition to the Arabs who of late have started arriving here. A Kuwaiti man accompanied by 12 women recently visited the place and was so satisfied with the treatment that he wanted to reserve the entire sanatorium for Kuwaitis only.

The report added radon is a radioactive gas which causes lung cancer, but in Ukraine, people take bath using underground water that’s naturally rich in the element to treat back injuries, arthritis, skin rashes, and infertility.

While it’s possible that radon might have some medical benefi ts, specialists in the medical field say studies have shown some immune system impacts from radon, and patients should be warned about the dangers involved in such treatment.

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