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Travel to India on Emergency Certificate (EC) issued in lieu of lost/cancelled passport
June 20, 2017, 12:00 pm

The Indian Embassy announced that Indian nationals are issued Emergency Certificates (EC) to facilitate their one-way travel to India due to urgency or deportation, under the circumstances of loss of passport or non-retrieval of passport from their sponsors in Kuwait.  Since it is illegal to hold two travel documents in India at the same time, the concerned passport has to be cancelled before an Emergency Certificate (EC) is issued to an Indian national. 

At times, Indian nationals who are either detained or due for deportation may not have their passports with them.  They apply for travel documents (Emergency Certificate) either directly or through Kuwait Police.  In such cases, ECs are issued to them after cancelling their passports.  However, in certain cases, they recover their passports later and travel on those passports which already stand cancelled in data available with immigration authorities in India.  These passports are immediately seized by Immigration authorities in India.  This results in much harassment and inconvenience to these Indian travelers, whose passports are seized. They are also liable to pay penalties as per the law. 

Indian Embassy advises all Indian nationals that if an EC is issued to anyone of them, that implies that his/her passport has been cancelled and that he/she should travel only on the EC issued to him/her. 

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