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Travel – realize your soaring dreams
June 4, 2018, 2:33 pm

The world is a book and those who do not travel have only read one page.

 Agustine of Hippo

 Roman Theologian and Philosopher

Travel is a personally meaningful activity that allows us to build social relationships, to discover new places, people and cultures. It provides us with opportunities to learn, to grow and develop new skills. It brings us closer to ourselves and others and changes the way you see and interact with nearly aspect of the world around you.

Below we look at some of the benefits of travelling.

Traveling widens your horizon. New places give you the opportunity to experience novel sights, sounds and smells. It introduces you to new customs, traditions, religions, new languages, foods and lifestyles. All you have to do is have the courage to step outside your comfort zone and go with the flow.

Traveling opens your eyes. We begin to see that many of the things we grew up believing about other people, cultures and religions are not necessarily true. You realize how kind and friendly strangers can be, and how they are often ready to help you out in an emergency providing you with food and place to stay at night.  You also learn new things from the places you visit, the people you meet and the cultures you experience.

Traveling humbles you. A visit to a far off place that you cannot arrive at by vehicle and have to trek great lengths to reach; a place devoid of electricity, where daily activities come to a halt at sundown; a place without running water, where you have to draw it from a well or fetch it from a distant stream to drink; a place lacking a soft bed to rest your weary body, where you sleep on the hard floor or a mat. A visit to such places will not only humble you, it will make you all the more aware and grateful for the comforts and conveniences you take so much for granted.

Traveling expands your perspective. It makes you realize that the world is not always about you and that there are far more important things in life than your current problems. It gives you a window to observe how other people live their lives and what they have to go through every day, often just to survive.

Traveling frees you. You get to lead each day differently; there are no fixed rules or routines. You get to do whatever you want, go wherever you choose. It breaks the monotony of your 9 to 5 workday and allows you to explore and experience the excitement of new adventure.

Traveling boosts self-confidence. Finding yourself in a new place where you do not know anyone or the language encourages you to rely on your own abilities to find a solution to a challenging situation or circumstance. The experience you gain under such circumstances will help you gain self-confidence, presence of mind, and to grow as a person. This new-found confidence will also probably come in handy later on in life when you are faced with new obstacles or challenges.

Traveling spurs you forward. Travel is a great antidote, if you find yourself stuck in your present profession, career path or purpose in life. It provides you with new insights that make you see the world and the people around you in a different light. It could give you a new direction or fresh sense of purpose to your life.

Traveling deepens appreciation for life: No matter how big your problems or worries are, traveling helps you learn how to appreciate the littler things in life. The sounds of birds chirping in trees, the lush bloom of flowers in field, a mellow sunrise or sunset, the scent of ocean spray or a gentle breeze all remind you how lucky you are to be alive and breathe in all that beauty.

Traveling furthers global awareness. The more we travel the greater our awareness of this planet and its challenges. We realize that this world is so much more than just our home and the familiar surroundings we grew up in. We become more conscious of the bigger world around us, how we are all interconnected as habitants of one planet, and that what affects one person will eventually have a bearing on all of us. Travel urges us to become global citizens, to live harmoniously and support each other in sharing and caring of the planet by protecting the environment and realizing that sustainability is everyone’s responsibility. 

As amazing as traveling is, most of us think we need to save a lot of money and wait until our later years to explore the world. But life is too short and there are no guarantees that you will ever have the spare money to travel or the health to enjoy it at a later date. Rather than waiting until you are only able to say with regret, “I wish I had”, live so you can say “I’m glad I did”.

We would like to inspire you to travel more, and to do it now, with the following pages of wonderful locations to visit, and to experience the sites and sights that await you there.




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