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Traffic partially disrupted due to downpour, MoI says
November 15, 2018, 12:22 am

The Ministry of Interior said some roads were totally closed to traffic and motorists had to take alternative roads due to the heavy downpour on Wednesday.

The closed roads include the section of King Abdulaziz Motorway to Al-Fahahil at Al-Damah neighborhood, King Fahad Motorway to Kuwait City at the exit of Beirut St., and the Fifth Ring Road to Al-Salmiya area at Al-Reg'ie-Al-Ardiya intersection, according to a statement by the Ministry.

These also include the Seventh Ring Road on both sides, King Abdulaziz Motorway to Kuwait City near Al-Fahahil Club, the Sixth Ring Road on both sides in front of Jaber Stadium, the tunnel of Al-Ghazali Motorway on both sides, and Abulqasim-Sixth Ring Road intersection.

The intersections of the Third Ring Road with Cairo St., the Third Ring Road with the Gulf St., the Second Ring Road with the Gulf St., and Al-Jahra Motorway with Al-Ghazali, as well as City Center Roundabout were also closed to traffic.

The intersections of Jamal Abdulnasser St. with Al-Gazali Motorway to the Frist Ring Road, the First Ring Road with Cairo St., the First Ring Road with Al-Maghreb Motorway, and South Sabahiya with the Seaside Road from Hilton Kuwait Resort to the Sea Sport Club, as well as the Roundabout of Al-Mangaf and Al-Sabahiya.

Traffic at these areas was diverted to alternative roads, the statement added.

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