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Tourism Office of Spain opens new web portal for GCC tourists
March 21, 2017, 4:27 pm

A dedicated web portal aimed at tourists from the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states was launched by the Spanish Tourism Board for the GCC during a ceremony held at the JW Marriot Hotel on 19 March. A large gathering of travel industry operators and consultants, as well as media personnel and special guests attended the event, which included an informative presentation on the new web portal, and on select tourism destinations in Spain.

Designed with customized content to fulfill the needs of travelers and travel industry consultants from the GCC market, the new portal at , is available in both Arabic and English, and is the first European web page catering exclusively to the GCC market.

Though our main Spanish tourism portal is one of the most comprehensive on information about Spain, we realized that tourists and travel consultants from the GCC were often at a loss to find relevant information for their travel needs from the huge amount of tourism data present on the site, said an official of Spanish Tourism Board for GCC.

With over 200,000 travelers from the GCC visiting Spain in 2016, and with over 24,000 from Kuwait alone, we felt the urgent need for a dedicated GCC web portal. So the Tourism Board for the GCC decided to design a web page with information just on the destinations and services that GCC locals and residents were usually looking for, said the official.

The new portal has a main menu with Destinations of interest to travelers from the GCC, including Madrid, Barcelona, Andalucía, Valencia, Balearic Island and Canary Island, as well as Shopping, Attractions for Children, Luxury Hotel/Trains, Halal Tourism and Practical Information on weather, transport and visa clearly structured right on top of the page. 

The web is concise but complete and is very easy to surf as the contents are very well structured and in a “Tree” format. It means that if you are looking for the main attractions in a city you will find them in a couple of clicks. But if you want to plan your trip and have some travel ideas, you can do so with just another couple of clicks.

The web page is very useful for travelers as well as for travel consultants. For the last, they will find that can give complete orientation to the client without expending too much time surfing a web trying to discern what is important and what is not.


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