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Tour the British Museum with Google Cultural Institute
November 30, 2015, 2:57 pm

It is now possible to tour the iconic British Museum and view its extensive and valuable collection of ancient artifacts with Google’s Cultural Institute.

Take of tour of ancient pottery, statues, tapestries, and more without stepping any further than your computer and with the added bonus of not having to fight a horde of other visitors.

From the basement to the fifth floor, the British Museum has opened its doors to Google's Cultural Institute to create a Street View version of the museum. More than 4,500 items from the museum's collection have been photographed and are available to be seen on a virtual walkthrough of the historic corridors. Descriptions of many of the items including the dates they were created have been included alongside the collection.

The British Museum is not the first museum to get the treatment from the Google cultural team. They have in the past photographed and uploaded everything from historic artifacts at Bletchley Park to inside Le Louvre.

The digitization of the British Museum means that all the featured pieces can be viewed all year round. This includes the Chinese Admonitions Scroll that dates back to the 6th century, which is usually only displayed for several months of the year due to its fragility.

The British Museum can be visited through this link:

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